Child’s Play

Do you have a young’un on your Christmas list and feel a little stumped as to what on earth to get them?  Well, step away from the Zoobles and Squinkies and Beyblades and Zhu-Zhus (uh, are we living in a Dr. Seuss book and no one told me?!) and step into a thrift store instead, where hopefully you can find a gem like this!  
Better After reader Malinda worked hard getting through the layers and layers of paint and whathaveyou to restore this old desk, and now it looks even better than new!  A total classic, no batteries needed.  I think any kid would love this, and it’s a also great place to store all those robotic hamsters!

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  1. Amazing transformation! Your blog is so motivational and inspirational 🙂 really love it

  2. What a pretty piece of furniture now. I really like the natural wood drawer front.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Ha! I just heard a toysrus commercial when they were saying the names of all these toys, and it made me laugh, but I think you put it perfectly!

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