Wined and Lined

Suzan admits that this makeover was pretty simple: “A little paint, a little tape, a little glass of wine, Ok, there was more wine than tape, but anyway …”  Alright, I’m not buying any of it Suzan!  Firstly, it doesn’t look simple to me at all.  This would probably take me six months to accomplish.  And secondly, those are some very straight lines if there was truly as much wine as you say!  Great job.

See more from Suzan on her blog Simply Vintageous.

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  1. I am really liking this. The tan and white is neutral and the side stripe adds a little whimsy =) Very pretty!!

  2. I love this! I have a small china cabinet that is sitting in the garage. It’s begging me to do this!

  3. Thanks Lindsay – you have made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs from Montreal,
    Suzan ( Simply Vintageous )

  4. How fun is this?? So fun! Love it.

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