Waste Not

Citizens of Earth, I must now make a formal decree.  I declare that no one, NO ONE, from this moment henceforth, is allowed to paint a bathroom in the colors of bodily waste. No concentrated yellows, no sponged on browns, and please, PLEASE, no watery reds.  In the immortal words of Billy Bush, “It’s gross.”
Laura Beth from A Step in the Journey agreed completely, and was happy to flush the fuchsia forever and introduce a calmer, cleaner, completely non-vomit inducing palate.  MUCH better.  Thanks Laura Beth!

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  1. Love the painted stripes! I can only imagine how long it took! Well done!
    Kris at drivenbydecor.blogspot.com

  2. Amazing transformation! Love it!

  3. made me laugh again… i agree! and the change is amazing!


  4. Great transformation! Exactly the same stripes as i did in my hallway! Wanna take a look of my before and after? http://stardust-decorstyle.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-hall-update-horizontal-stripes.html
    Love, Olga

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  6. Holy Wow!! It doesn’t look like the same room! Well done.

  7. WTF was that before? Holy crap.

    Great after! Well done.

  8. Can’t say I’d ever put a wedding photo gallery wall next to a toilet, but the paint is a wonderful improvement.

  9. Wow! Is that the same room? Beautiful!

  10. u r so funny!

  11. WOW. Seriously laughed out loud. VAST improvement! My friend bought a house with a red bathroom. They refered to that bathroom as ‘The Bloody Mary’. First room in the new house to be repainted… not in any body function color.

  12. Thank you SOOO much for the feature, it’s an honor to see my bathroom up at Better After. :o) I love your decree & totally agree!!

  13. I don’t know… the vanity’s granite surface is reminiscent of a meal revisited. Solid white in the loo is popular for a reason. Other than that, well done.

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