Stain Attained

Let’s go au naturel, shall we?  Let’s celebrate the unadorned beauty of simply-stained wood grains, yes?  Ok, well first is a cute little desk by Kari at Encore Decor.  The before wasn’t a total tragedy, but it surely wasn’t anything that would catch your eye and ask it to dance, now was it?  That’s not the case anymore!

And here Katy stripped down and got dirty with this desk, oh for crying out loud, get your mind out of the gutter!  Haven’t you ever stripped furniture?  It’s a dirty job, sheesh!  Now, the beautiful wood that was lurking under layers of chipped stain is shining through, and she gave a little extra gleam to the original handles too.  See it on her blog Krush Remakes.

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  2. Beautiful update! Well done!

  3. The two are lovely!

  4. Once I was chatting with a nice older guy at the paint counter of Home Depot. He was buying some sort of gel to strip color from wood and I was buying paint. As he left he said, “Happy painting!” I yelled cheerily, “Happy stripping!” It was so embarrassing.

  5. Those desks are amazing! To commenter #4. I completely get it. That’s as bad as asking for a big tube of white caulk to a young sales guy. omg.


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