Lodge Podge

Candace needed something to replace the empty spot of nothing in front of her sofa. So she found this old coffee table and decided to give it a full-blown makeover!  But then, when her arms could take no more sanding, she decided to give it a half-blown makeover! She simply painted the top and hand-traced the deer design to resemble a rustic old lodge sign instead.  Pretty cool.  See more plus a tutorial on her site Frugal Mom.

What’s that?  You want more yummy table goodness?  Well, I aim to please.  Here is a beautiful nightstand redo from Helen who has the shabby chic technique down to a science.  She could write the book about it! In fact, she IS writing a book about it: The Science of Shabby Chic. Ok, I’m making all that up, but it is a catchy name. Someone should get on that.
Check it out on her blog Picked and Painted.

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  1. Love the nightstand, her shabby chic IS fabulous!

  2. Love the nightstand, her shabby chic IS fabulous!

  3. Love the nightstand, her shabby chic IS fabulous!

  4. Running water… too cute!!

  5. Your link for the first table is dead…here’s the link in case anyone wants to check it out…way cool!


  6. Love, love the knob! Where did you get that?

  7. I got the knob from Hobby Lobby

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