Be prepared to have your eyeballs blown away.  Ew, that was kind of gross.  Never mind, just be prepared for awesomeness, because it is coming your way via Dustin and Whitney’s fantasmic kitchen redo.  
The before couldn’t have been more basic builder-grade if there was an actual builder still building in there.  The after is just stunning.  And so shiny! I love how the cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling now, the whole room seems twice as big!  Check out the process on their blog The Rooster and The Hen.
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  1. Almost makes me wish I had a builder-grade kitchen to redo!

  2. If that picture doesn’t convince the world that all cabinets should go to the ceiling then nothing will. It amazing what a difference that makes. Now, someone please come to my house and get my cabinets to the ceiling, please.

    A wonderful job. Bet they love it.

  3. We get goosebumps seeing this on your site! Thanks for the kind words and the feature! Tweeting this out for sure!

  4. This is beautiful! I’m definitely adding the after picture in my kitchen “inspiration” file!

  5. you’re the funniest person ever..

    amazing redo, i just want to stare at it !


  6. That’s awesome! I love how they tweaked the layout.

  7. Amazing! The kitchen looks so warm and cozy

  8. Wow! That is beautiful!! I wish I had a designer’s eye like this when choosing re-do my builder-grade cabinets! They chose perfect colors for it all!

  9. Fantastic remodel!

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