It even has a tiny crock-pot!

Have you seen all the cute little kid-kitchens made from nightstands and small dressers lately and thought to yourself “Hey, I want to do that too!  Only bigger!  Much bigger! On a level that will make my friends cry with jealousy! So outrageous that people will talk about my awesome kid-kitchen for years to come!  I will be a LEGEND!”  
If so, you’ve come to the right place, because I think this little kitchen is pretty legendary.  From Jessica at Utah County Mom.

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  1. it also has a tiny wine glass!

  2. That kitchen is nicer than mine!

  3. Thanks Oonafey, the above comment, you made me laugh!

    Can’t believe that kitchen, clever and what girl would not love it!

  4. That’s the biggest little kitchen I’ve ever seen! Very cute! ~ Barbara

  5. im jealous. it is awesome!!!

  6. That is one decked out kitchen!

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be. Love it!

  8. How perfect!

  9. This is awesome! What a great idea, I’ll be filing this one away for later!

  10. Some people just amaze me. This is so cute!

  11. Isn’t that the American way?–bigger is always better–HA! Very cute!..and such fun!

  12. Wonderful job!

  13. Hmph. I hate that I never saw these kinds of projects until my little girl is 10! AND I’ve given away the old entertainment center and outdated desk…

  14. Bwahahaha! I read the title as “tiny CRACK-pot” and was trying to figure out how that was a good thing… Clearly I am watching too many dramas on TV!

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