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Jilly had an enormously long living room on her hands.  If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you have seen this phenomenon.  For some reason local building codes require half a football field of uninterrupted living space upon entering the front door.
But Jilly had had enough of that nonsense and found the perfect set of giant bookcases to help break up the cavernous room.  Perfect in every way except they were kinda woodsy, and not her vibe at all.  Not a problem when you’ve got paint, simple wood cutouts and a handy set of friends who will help with the dirty work!  Looks absolutely fantastic!  See more on her blog Girls with Good Taste.

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  1. Those are gorgeous! I have a teeny tiny living room. I wish I had one big enough to do something like that. Wow!

  2. Brilliant! I really, really like these. I have a ton of books and believe in a bookcase in every room. Except the bathroom, ewe!

  3. This is a FANTASTIC before/after! The after photo looks like it belongs in Southern Living!!! Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous after! Great solution.

  5. WOW! Beautiful!!

  6. Wow! Nice! I have a super long room myself..supposed to be a formal living room and dining Im really thinking I need an office space!

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