Hey hombre, hooray for ombre!

Julia just couldn’t pass up these lamps, because they were so amazingly attractive.  Oh, wait, I meant to write free.  She couldn’t pass up these lamps because they were free. I can totally see her point.  Have you looked at the price of lamps lately?  Even a squatty little table lamp from Wal-Mart is like, $35, shade not included.  Buy two as big as these, and you’ll hardly have enough left to pay the light bill!
She made them work together by coordinating the bases with a coat of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.  The radical ombre-effect shades, she made those herself!  Stylish and thrifty! I’m impressed!  Entire tutorial on her blog Chris Loves Julia.

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  1. My parents totally had 2 like the one on the right!!! There were crystals hanging from the top of the base. I love how these turned out!!

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  3. I especially love the smooth one (without the crystal). The lines are so elegant.

  4. Love it! I’m going over to find out how she cleverly “ombreyed” those shades… I just went out today in search of some lamps for a client, and didn’t find ANYTHING, despite doubling the budget halfway out of sheer desperation!!

  5. I love it! Very classy

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. One of the few instances where I like ombre. So so pretty.

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