Glue Sticks!

Remember how keen I was to show you some projects featuring natural wood earlier today?  Well forget that as you behold this kitchastrophe, because nothing could save this steaming mess from itself.  Except a crow bar and the steely determination to go on once Allison realized that all the wood you see here are individually glued down pieces that had to be individually pried off, not to mention the heavily glued down laminate that had to be removed as well.  Owzers. My hands ache in sympathy.  
She kept it simple with a fresh coat of white and a few small updates in order to flip and sell!  See more pics (seriously, it was a tragedy) on her blog TwoThirty-Five Designs.

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  1. willikers! that’s a lot of crow-barring.

  2. I kept thinking this picture looked familiar…It’s MY last RENO! Thanks again for another feature!!! You rock!!!!

  3. Oh cool! My parents just finished painting our kitchen!

  4. I can’t believe what a difference! It’s gorgeous now – I wouldn’t want to move after that transformation!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

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  5. Well done. My hands are aching in sympathy too.

  6. Beautifuly done!

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