Get Jacked

Get Jacked
The  Union Jack is a hot little trend in home decor these days. If you’ve been dying to incorporate it into a makeover but worry that the trend won’t last, don’t fret!  Do it anyway!  If you like it, you like it.  And plus, it’s been around since 1801.  I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.
Here’s McKelle’s take from In De-Stress Mode.
And Lana from Mz Cellaneous Jacked up this $5 dresser.  High fives to both ladies for getting the design correct too!  As you can see, it’s not exactly symmetrical. Wikipedia has a really helpful diagram that explains how to make the lines perfectly, right HERE.
 And of course, one of the first makeovers that started it all, by Miss Mustard Seed.
Trendy or not, this will always be just a great, classic design.  Here are some flags that probably won’t be catching on anytime soon:
Benin Empire (won’t be vacationing there ever)

Libya (more like Lib-yawn)

Sicily (the stuff of nightmares)


  1. November 4, 2011 / 5:33 PM

    the middle dresser actually has an incorrect design. “one of these things isn’t the same” ; )

  2. November 4, 2011 / 5:39 PM

    BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA Sicily and Benin, wth?!?!? thanks for the heads up on that, I almost choked on my diet coke lol

  3. November 4, 2011 / 5:51 PM

    Ah, yes, you are right Mary! Good eye! I was only looking at the top half I guess!

  4. November 4, 2011 / 6:02 PM

    You are like my daily laugh! I crack up almost, ALMOST, everyday at you because you are so stinkin’ funny!

  5. November 4, 2011 / 6:56 PM

    those dressers are beautiful, wish we had more room in our house for an awesome dresser (one day, one day)

    PS- Thanks for the laugh at the end, too funny! 🙂

    Jill&Eric at Frozen Sunshine

  6. November 4, 2011 / 7:53 PM

    Great makeovers!

    So funny how some flags are so flippin’ popular. Those Brits. . .

  7. November 4, 2011 / 8:02 PM

    I’m still mad about the Revolutionary War so I’m offended by the Union Jack.

  8. November 4, 2011 / 9:17 PM

    They are all great, but I think Miss Mustard Seed is my favorite. Love the distressed look. So want this in my home. ~K

  9. November 4, 2011 / 9:20 PM

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. November 4, 2011 / 9:28 PM

    I love these and I’m so ready to give it a try, but I’m going to try it in my native Aussie flag. Laraine, maybe it’s time to move on? It was a fair while ago. Do all things British, Australian and New Zealand offend you? That would be sad. I’m not a fan of Hitler but I respect the German people and their flag. It’s how they conduct themselves today that is important. Not all people are the same and are tarred with the same brush.

  11. November 4, 2011 / 10:18 PM

    Don’t worry about Laraine, Meg! She’s 100% kidding. You simply must read her blog, it’s hi-freaking-larious.

  12. November 4, 2011 / 10:42 PM

    Doh!! Ok then. Sorry Laraine!! ;o)

  13. November 4, 2011 / 11:05 PM

    Hey thanks for featuring my dresser. No linky though 🙁 Here’s my blog if you want to check it out: I put all the steps on how to paint the dresser. Just don’t paint at 2 a.m. so you’ll be too tired and mess up the bottom half. Yep, I’m #2.

  14. November 5, 2011 / 2:08 AM

    Thanks Lindsey, you are full of awesome!

  15. November 5, 2011 / 7:57 AM

    Very nice, I like it! 🙂

  16. November 5, 2011 / 3:46 PM

    Haha the other flags crack me up…probably a safe bet to stay away from Benin…yikes!

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