Ceiling Stunners

Howdy!  I’m back from a nice Thanksgiving weekend in Salt Lake City, where I froze my buns off so thoroughly, I’m pretty sure they fell off in one icy chunk somewhere on south Temple Street. Ha ha, I wish! My buns are most certainly still here and will be spending some quality time on the treadmill this week.
Did you have a great Thanksgiving?  (or regular ol’ weekend if you don’t live in America?)   Have you fully shaken off your turkey coma?   If not, here’s a zinger of a makeover to help wake you up from Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles.  
Tired of the boring fans in her home but unhappy with anything she found in the store, she decided to make do with what she had!  The first fan she simply taped off and painted the stripes with craft paint, and the second fan is modge-podged fabric! Jennifer reports that both have held up just fine against everyday use.   

See the entire room makeover from the chevron fan HERE.

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  1. What a nice surprise! Thanks Lindsey for featuring my fans.

  2. Fabulous! I am from the tropics so we had these on constantly. I might just have to show this to some of my friends! 🙂

  3. Those are really cool!

  4. Would it be indiscreet to say I’m a fan?

  5. If I had a ceiling fan, I would ssssoooooo do that 😉


  6. Wow those turned out great. 🙂

  7. On decorating shows they always remove ceiling fans, and it bugs me! I, too, would rather have a cute chandelier above my bed than a ceiling fan, but then I could not sleep at night. Thanks, Jennifer! Practical can be soooo pretty! 🙂

  8. That came out so cute! The Ceiling Fans actually looks stylish now!

  9. The fans are so unique. I would love to do this in my granddaughter’s room but I’m a little nervous about taking the fan down and then taking it apart. Did you have any trouble with these things?

  10. Nice work! Add Rhinestone row down the middle or on the ends adds a little Sparkle also. I have stenciled formal patterns and added just a few Rhinestones for effect. 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to take the fan down, just unscrew the fan blades. Easy peasy

  12. Anonymous says:

    How is cleaning these? Its it difficult or pretty easy? And do you clean ass you always would or something different?

  13. Hi, i really like this idea, but where did you find the bits to replace the hardware, as i see the gold decorative touches on the plain white frame are not the same as the new painted ones on either of the frames ?? would it be difficult to find those replacements as I can see why one might not want to use/repaint the gold. And the bottom of the frame structure is totally different as well, so that is not another part that was replaced. Otherwise it is a really neat idea!!

  14. The before picture was not the actual fan, just a representation of what the fans looked like. She did in fact repaint the gold parts on her particular fans.

  15. I love the double fan. I have been looking at that for myself. Yes I love a fan over the bed,

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