Beauty for your Booty

I can see why Katie would want to recover this old couch, it looks like raw meat with a sunburn. If this was the only available seating in the room, I would totally sit on the floor or possibly the lap of a stranger.
How’s about that after though, eh?  That’s a couch I could comfortably curl up on! Great job Katie!  More to see on her blog The Sewing Nerd.

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  1. I’d prefer a lap, too. But that after IS incredible!! Wow.

  2. SO much better. And now there are lots of options for bringing in colors with pillows…just no “raw meat” color 🙂

  3. So elegant! Love it! ~ Barbara

  4. Gorgeous legs 😉 Love the redo!!

  5. “Raw meat with a sunburn”?!! Lol! You’re funny!

  6. OMG–raw meat with a sunburn???? that is too funny! BTW, sofa is awesome! 🙂

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