You make my heart sing!

This before sofa didn’t look too bad at all, but if you are familiar with that itchy, velcro-like  upholstery fabric favored by furniture makers of yore, then you know it had to G to the O. My grandma had a couch like this, and I swear you could comb your hair out just by rubbing your head alongside it.
Erin had it professionally reupholstered, but saved serious cash by finding that fabric for $3 per yard.  It looks fantastic!  The great lines of this piece really stand out now.  Oh animal print, never go away! See more on Erin’s blog We A.R.E. Randall’s.

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  1. Where oh where would you find fabric that awesome for three freaking dollars a yard???!!!! Really!? I too hope animal print never goes out of style. It will be a sad day. Or maybe I’ll still rock it and live in denial.

    Great makeover!

  2. very nice makeover animallook never goes out of style…

  3. I was really digging the green, but itchy is a no go. Animal print is pretty rad too 🙂

  4. ..and YOU makes everything groovy!!

  5. Just found this amizing blog! Congrats! Really Amazing. I’m following you now.

  6. What a great rescue and love the fabric! Subtle fun!

  7. I agree, animal print IS timeless. If it ever goes out of style, we revolt!

    Thanks for following Lusty! 🙂

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