With all the fixin’s!

This peninsula was peninsu-lame.   And that orangy plywood stuff happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves ever!  It’s all over the place in my house.  Contractors get cheap and use a totally different material for the sides of cabinetry than the fronts, which doesn’t even COME CLOSE to matching, and it drives me bat-poop crazy. EVERYDAY.  “Why don’t you do something about that?” you are thinking.  Well, I did, and the guy quoted me about $600 a panel to fix it, sooo … I am living with it for now until I decide to part with that much money (ha ha!) or figure out a better idea.  Like this cool fix from Jennifer at Two Butterflies.  Tons of personality now!  Thanks Jennifer!

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  1. I just had to stop by to tell you how much I love your posts. I love me some snarky, sarcastic commentary. You just brighten my day! ((snort))


  2. ohmigosh, it is terrific!!! what an idea!

  3. Love it!!! What a great idea.

  4. This kinda blew my mind. We’ve been talking about a white kitchen or one with distressed wood from pallets. Why not both??? Gorgeous.

  5. I would put textured wallpaper all around that if it was in my house.

  6. This is a cute fix! But hey Lindsey, if you’ve got this thing going on in your house, just whip out the easiest fix ever: primer and paint and go to town on that paneling 🙂

  7. $600 a panel? Ridiculous! What a beautiful solution! I love it!

  8. Thanks Charlie! 🙂 You made MY day!

    And Connie, I would love to do that, but then I’d have to repaint EVERY kitchen cabinet, since it’s only the side panels that don’t match. My cabinets are a dark walnut and yet the sides are reddish orange. PLUS, they are water damaged. Because I might have flooded the laundry room upstairs. Because I thought it was a good idea to put a king size comforter in the washing machine. It wasn’t.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Search IKEA for Perfekt cover panels (in the kitchen cabinet section)! They come in several colours, are easy to cut and glue on, and can really transform ugly into sleek.

  10. What about some wainscoting for a temporary fix on the island. Can even paint it a nice complimentary color until ur ready for a permanent fix.

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