Plan B for Beautiful

Hoping for a beautiful hardwood floor when he ripped up his carpet, Mitch instead discovered an unattractive blend of mismatched wood.  So he and his wife decided to just paint it white.  But then they thought, “Why not add a little pattern?” So they used a rubber rug as a giant stamp: painting the top then pressing it down on the floor.  It worked like a charm!  Ha, ha, not really.  It didn’t work at all.  The fabulous stenciling you see below is actually Plan B.  Thank goodness for Plan B’s! 
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  1. A-MAZE-ZING! This is seriously incredible. Great job and thank goodness for plan B’S

  2. Better after? —-

  3. yes dekolover, much much much much much much betterafter! Is that really a question?

  4. This is terrific! I love a painted floor and I love it when it starts getting all worn down in the traffic areas like it’s always been there. Amazing what a little paint can do. Please come paint my floors!

  5. I agree, there’s not much that could have helped the original wood, other than … new wood.

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