Orange you glad this isn’t orange?

I must be in a bit of a blue mood today.  Not that I’m sad or anything.  How can I be sad when Paula Deen has recently released butter flavored lip balm?  How can anyone?!
No, today I just seem to be digging makeovers in blue, and here comes a fantastic one from Kayla.  Ahh, so much better. The new stain on the table and benches is lovely. It even complements the floor better. That old stain was a color not found in nature.  Unless you count The Jersey Shore as nature.
Check out more on Kayla’s blog Furniture Remix.

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  1. That’s gorgeous! Very inspiring.

  2. Love the new redo. I think she should have waited till after Halloween though- it was perfect for that!

  3. Beautiful makeover, but BTW – the Jersey shore is nature. Check it out sometime.

  4. Lori… you know I’m referencing the reality show “The Jersey Shore,” right? Where all the cast members are fake-tanned to garishly orange degree? I’m sure the ACTUAL Jersey shore is quite nice.

  5. Just found your site … loven it !!!
    your newest follower , Francine

  6. Perfectly!

  7. oohhh, ahhhh! So much better after.

  8. bahahaha your jersey shore comment is hilarious 🙂

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