Getting Spicy

Looking for some ideas to spice things up in the bedroom?  No, not like that!   Like new paint colors and linens, that sort of thing.  Not that I’m not qualified to answer those other types of questions.  Uh, I mean I’m not.  I mean I AM!  Wait … this has taken a weird turn.  Let’s change the subject… oh hey  look, it’s Robin’s bedroom makeover!  
Isn’t it amazing?  She has used one of my favorite tricks for disguising an awkward window: draping it like the window it’s supposed to be instead of the window it actually is.  You would never even know there’s a tiny too-high window hiding under there.  Check out more before and afters on her staging website Madison Modern Home.

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  1. Love this re-do although I miss the chair with the beautiful fabric. I am a sucker for an accent chair

  2. What a beautiful room!!

  3. I totally love the new redo!

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