Fashion Friday

It’s Friday!  Any big plans for the weekend?  Why don’t you dust off your dancing shoes and go out  on the town?  Oh, you don’t have any good dancing shoes, you say?  Sure you do.
What about that great pair that has been sitting unworn in the back of your closet for years?  Is it because the color isn’t quite right?  No big dealio. Ashley from Lil Blue Boo had the same problem and fixed hers up with a fine paintbrush and a steady hand.  She reports they are much more wearable now with the added blue!
Jen at Green Wedding Shoes  fancified this plain pair of heels with a chiffon scarf.  Now they are just dying to go dancing!  You could change the scarf color and have a new pair every night!
Or add a little modge-podge and fabric to perk up some patent leather, like Dave’s Wife did on The Diary of Dave’s Wife.   Add a stripes and sassy bow, and your feet will be having more fun than anyone else on the dance floor!
It would be impossible NOT to kick up your heels in these beaded beauties.  Geneva from  A Pair and a Spare had her eye on a pair of Burberry beaded heels, bud decided to save herself a boatload of money and made a knock-off version instead.  I LOVE these!  So easy, but so chic it almost hurts!
Heels not your thang?  That’s ok. You can still cut a rug and catch some eyes in a pair of colorful canvas shoes.  Katy from Sweet Verbena took a pair of $5 shoes from Wal-mart, removed the laces, dyed them a sunshiny yellow, and added a bit of elastic inside to keep them put.  I love how the dye didn’t take in the bias, it’s a fun little bit of contrast.
And kids can get in on the fun too!  If you have kids, and those kids have feet, and those feet wear shoes, chances are the toes are worn out.  My kids drag their toes to stop on their bikes no matter how many times I demonstrate how to use the brakes.  
Brittany at Crafty Mischief came up with a fun fix: duct tape! A great way to add a little more life to children’s shoes if they manage to wear them out before they grow out of them. Check out her blog for the whole tutorial. 
And Taylor at MaryJanes and Galoshes had the same problem: sturdy shoes, worn out toes.  Glitter and ruffles to save the day!  I think glitter and ruffles could probably solve most of the world’s problems, don’t you?
Thanks everyone! 

(Credit where credit is due, I found many of these links from Babble.)

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  1. Can I say I love fashion Friday?! It makes me want to rip apart my wardrobe and add glitter and ruffles to everythin because yes they would solve most problems.

  2. Those are all so cute!

  3. LOVE, love, LoVe, lOvE!

  4. AH-Dorable!!! What great ideas! Luv fashion DIY’s!

  5. I love them all and I’m not even a shoe kind of girl. This is wonderful. I’m getting those things in my head now…what are they called? Yeah. Ideas. It’s so hard to find good fashion DIYs. Thanks for this post.

  6. How amazing! I want those wedges!

  7. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for featuring my zebra duct tape shoes. I noticed a lot of traffic coming from your site so I thought I’d stop by and now I’m your newest follower.

  8. The little girls shoes with the glitter are my favorite though all of them are nice.

  9. Never would have thought of any of these. The kids shoes are such a great solution but the Burberry knock offs knocked my socks off!!

  10. IMPRESSED!!!

  11. Ok, if you were sitting beside me while I read this post, you would have heard me say, “NO! Holy Crap! Wow!”

    That first pair with the stencil(?) is freaking amazing!

  12. oh, and I love Fashion Fridays!

  13. I forgot that in the 60’s and 70’s we used to paint our shoes to match certain outfits. I’m going to give this a try again. woohoo

  14. SO fun! I’m inspired! Great makeovers!

  15. wow, these are some awesome makeovers! Love the zebra maryjanes 🙂

  16. those are all the best shoes EVER! going to go pout at my pathetic shoe collection now.

  17. SO adorable! The pink glitter shoes at the end were my favorite – I would wear those! LOL! So cute! Love fashion Fridays!

  18. The duct tape is genius! I love the beaded sandals.

  19. Love Geneva’s shoes!!!

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