Fashion Friday

Hey, it’s Friday!  You know what that means: a little fashion re-mixin’! I didn’t actually intend to create a “fashion Friday” feature, but it seems to be happening kinda regularly, so we shall go with it. If you have anything to submit, go ahead and send it my way!
So, today’s fashions went from straight out of the drawer into straight-up fashionable decor!  First Wendy from Craft Goodies took a pile of white t-shirts that she didn’t want to just throw away and decided to make a rosette pillow instead.  Similar pillows in the stores can cost – hold on to your hats – over $70!  And she didn’t even buy dye for the cloth, she just soaked it in watered down paint! 
I love this next idea, and it’s perfect for fall.  Just an old cable-knit sweater from the thrift-store sewed into a pillow cover!  I saw some sweaters just like this at Goodwill the other day, but they were like $9 apiece, and I didn’t feel like paying that much.  Oh man, I’m so cheap.  Do you think I’m cheap?  Never mind, don’t tell me. 
From the ever fabulous Nikki at Grand Design Co.
Do you feel bad for the great big fabric chain-stores of the world?  Because us DIYers are totally scamming them, since they would charge a hefty price per yard for this fantastic fabric, whereas we just use a .99 thrift-store skirt instead?  I sure don’t!  From Emily at Of Seeds and Thorns.

Thanks Ladies!

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  1. thanks for sharing these cushion ideas they are great xxx

  2. Thanks for the feature! You just made my day.

  3. Wow these are amazing! I love fashion Friday 🙂

  4. I am in LURVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love the idea of Fashion Fridays!

  6. Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks GW is getting a little proud these days. The pillows are fab!

  7. Thanks Lindsey! I appreciate the feature. And I have loved Fashion Fridays too!

  8. I love that rosette pillow. It is georgous! Thank you for sharing!

  9. thanks for the feature! I love the other pillows you mentioned, they are beautiful!

  10. FANTASTIC pillow!! I love that it was colored with paint. 🙂

  11. wow, those are some really fabulous ideas! I absolutely love the rosette pillow – I guess now I know what to do with dh’s old tees!

  12. I really love the Rosette Pillows idea. I never would have thought about watered down paint.

  13. I made a sweater pillow just like that a few weeks ago…so easy and cheap! =)

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