Ask your doctor.

Ask your doctor.
Are you one of the millions of people silently suffering with Too-scared-to-reupholster-itis?  You are not alone.  Don’t let the fear of spending endless hours stripping, measuring and stitching only to arrive at utter failure in the end hold you back from revitalizing that perfect wingback.  There is help.  There is hope.  Pioneered by Angela and Debbie, it’s called the Tres Chere Makeover Method, and it involves simply painting right over the fabric, hammering in some decorative nail heads, and tucking in a fitted sheet.  Your results may vary.  Side effects may include fist pumping, happy dancing, and general elation.



  1. October 5, 2011 / 2:52 AM

    Haha fist pumping! I have a love for jersey shore. Should I be embarrassed to admit that??

    Holy awesome chair! Didn’t see that coming!

  2. October 5, 2011 / 4:22 AM

    I am fist pumping! This is too cool!

  3. October 5, 2011 / 7:14 PM

    You know, honestly, I want to love the wing back chair, but it totally reminds me of old ladies and traditional look, and I’m so not into that, but this? Dude, this is the antecedent of old ladies and the smell of moth balls. *swoon*

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