Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun!

Ahoy there mateys! Come sail the seven seas with Miriam and me, as we cast off from Boredom Bay and set our sights toward Amazingtown Island!  Batten down the hatches, hoist up the sails, swab the deck and check out the step-by-step tutorial right here on Musings: Flor’s Blog on Design.

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  1. best. dresser. evAH!!

  2. Wonderful!!

  3. I thought it was a great dresser in the before picture… but WOW what a design!

  4. WOW.. That is amazing. I don’t typically like a pattern painted on a dresser but this blows my mind! What a lucky little boy!

  5. That’s just amazing. Stupendous, and magical!

  6. Wow, I almost wish Flor was my mother so that could be my dresser!

  7. Wow! I’m not a big fan of the design itself, but the concept is great!!

  8. Holy cow! That is the most awesome thing I have EVER seen!

  9. Wow!

  10. Okay saw the “before” and thought to myself I like it already so whatever the “after” is I can’t imagine me liking it any better…And voila, I did…It really turned out beautiful!

  11. WHOA!!!! AH-MAZING!!

  12. My exact reaction upon scrolling down the page:


    Very awesome!

  13. Stunning! Amazing job!

  14. What? That is crazy good. Not showing that to my 9 year old…uh uh.

  15. Thanks all for the dresser love 🙂 It was nerve wracking to create, but every day that my 2 year old son walks into his big boy room and points excitedly at the boat and shout, “there’s a BOAT on my drawer!!…THERE, mommy!!”, it makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth while 🙂

  16. Love this blog- LOVE that my cousin is on this blog! Yay Miriam!

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