Wack Wicker

You know how I whine a lot about never finding cool stuff at my local thrift stores?  Well, last week I went to Goodwill, and there before my eyes was a campaign style dresser and nightstand!  I couldn’t believe my luck; I never find that stuff!  

I scurried as quickly as I could to get a closer look, and only then did I realize that the pieces of crap were made out of rotting wicker!  Ugh!  I have never seen such a thing as wicker campaign furniture, and never hope to again.  I went home and wallowed in bitter disappointment.  Then I looked at this fabulous campaign dresser makeover from Katie at  Wildwood Creek and jealously shook my fists at the sky while weeping.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my campaign dresser, Lindsey! Love your before and after features.

  2. that’s a beautiful peacock blue!

  3. I love reading your post:) They always make me laugh. If it makes you feel any better I dont always have good luck at the thrift stores either….i guess its just our lot in life:)

  4. fantastica!!!

  5. I always LOL at your posts! I love your sense of humor, not to mention your taste! The after pic is fantastic!

  6. I rarely find any great furniture pieces at our thrift stores either. Could be that I don’t get there the minute the store opens-that’s when the consignment store vultures come and snatch everything up in their greedy little claws.

  7. Awe, I hate crappy thrift stores that never have treasures. Ours sometimes have something great but the minute I walk up to it, I spot the “sold” sticker. This is a beautiful piece. Lucky girl!

  8. oh i love that! and whats the deal… i NEVER find campaign furniture either! In fact, Craigs list usually has NOTHING for me around here in Utah. So sad…

  9. What a gorgeous blue! I love it!

  10. Love how the blue pulls out the blue in the stone floor and accentuates the pale blue of the walls! Way to go!

  11. love how this dresser turned out. the color really makes the hardware pop.

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