We have a winner!  
It was a close race between Pug-ly Lamp, Deerly Departed and Broken Leg Lamp, with each contestant averaging 25% of the votes, but it came down to only one.  The final, grand-prize winner and recipient of a $75 gift card to is ….

Broken Leg Lamp!  

 Congratulations on your utter ugliness, Broken Leg Lamp!  (And yes, Broken Leg Lamp is indeed a lamp, as someone conspiratorially whispered in the comments that it might not be so).  This lamp was a memento made for by Brittany’s father-in-law, for her husband Jared after he broke his leg over a decade ago!  Ew!  Well, give your in-laws a hug tonight Brittany, because they just helped you win the coveted title of Ugliest Lamp!

 Second Place was just way too close to call, it changed every minute.  My personal vote was for Raging Man, I laughed out loud every time I looked at him, but dang, it was so hard to choose.   Thanks so much everyone for participating!  I can’t wait til next year!



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If we receive over 1,000 comments, they will bump the prize up to a $200 Target gift card!

Woo!  Enter now and spread the word!

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Winner will be randomly selected Monday, Sept. 12th.

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  1. My lamps for never looked so good! Hard to understand what some people are thinking but fun contest!

  2. Awesomeness!!!! And.. I love love love contests! lol

  3. The broken leg lamp is like the Leg Lamp from a Christmas Story gone wrong. Congrats!

  4. I had a hard time choosing between the deer legs lamp and the broken leg lamp. Both are really, really ugly! I have to say, it was fun seeing all these lamps. Great contest!

  5. Oh my lordie, that lamp was UGLY! And I thought my great-grandma had some winner in her house. She had a fiber-optic lamp in a melamine box. It was hideous, but nothing compares to these guys…

  6. Oooh! I wanna win the Target gift card. There are so many fun things there I could decorate my house with.

  7. I just liked HomeTalk on FB too.

  8. Nice! I am definitely interested!

  9. That lamp… wow. And a target gift card? Yes please! My email is Crossing my fingers!

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  11. I think the ugly lamp contest is brilliant. It makes me feel so much better about my own lamps!

  12. I officially “like” hometalk, by the way. 🙂

  13. This is why I stick to easy, space-saving candlestick lamps.

    I would love a Target gift card, too — I have bought many of said candlestick lamps from there!

    My email address is my username, above, with no space, at Gmail.

  14. Those were all ugly lamps, but the cast really takes “ugly lamp” to the next level of ugliness!

  15. These were the most hideous lamps I’ve ever seen. Thanks for all the fun! (And the great giveaway!)

  16. I can’t believe that you had two ugly AND disgusting entries this year. A used cast? Deer feet?? What were these people THINKING?!?

  17. haha the broken leg cast is so gross!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  18. There were certainly some butt-ugly lamps in that little collection!

  19. I voted for all three of the top ugly lamps. I don’t know if that means I have good taste or if I’m just an accidental lemming. I painted my room grey like 2 months before it became the new neutral, but no one knows that. They think I can’t do anything of my own originality! Anyway, a Target gift card would be awesome. I saw some throw pillows there that would match my room perfectly… dang it.


  20. I voted for the leg lamp, what a champ. I think it was your description of running your hand up it to switch it on and off that made me cringe that did it.

    I’m sure I could come up with about a million uses for an awesome target giftcard!

  21. I love the ugly lamp contest. I would LOVE to win the target gift card!! i could buy so many things there I need!!
    I also love your blog. Very inspiring.

  22. I “like” hometalk on facebook!!!

  23. Liked hometalk on facebook.

    oh and if I win, yeah right,:

  24. Man, is that cast lamp uglt.

  25. Congrats to the winner!

  26. Loved the ugly lamp contest, some hideous lamps!

    ljyoung85 at

  27. I already spend too much time at Target, but a gift card would be GREAT!!! Thanks for the fun lamp memories!

  28. I would love the gift card. I am in Canada, but I shop over the border all the time!

  29. Congratulations Brittany!! And here I am to enter for the Target gift card!! Good luck to everyone!

  30. Oops! Forgot my email.

  31. So…Target gift card+college student=perfect harmony. Haha. No, really, I’d love a Target giftcard.

  32. I agree with sarah.jean!!!

  33. Maybe if she spray painted that leg cast lamp white it would look better!…………No there is no helping that thing!

  34. Who doesn’t love contests!!

  35. Deserving winner! Fingers crossed I’ll be shopping at Target soon.

  36. I like home talk on facebook too!!

  37. I’m so excited to FINALLY have it set in stone that the cast lamp is indeed a monstrosity! I think my husband might finally believe me now that I’m not crazy for thinking his precious cast lamp is so disgusting. THANKS for such a fun contest! P.S. Raging Man got my vote in the end…oh the horror!! Thanks again!

  38. Would love a Target gift card!

  39. P.S.S. Good luck to everyone in the Target Gift card contest! As much as I’d love to I won’t be entering it. ALSO, I forgot to mention that when I excitedly told my husband that we had won the contest he grinned and said, “Does this mean we get to take the lamp home to our house now?” NOOOOOOOO! Never gonna happen babe. 🙂

  40. love the blog! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  41. i am a member of hometalk scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  42. It’s been great fun following the voting on the UGLY lamps! I personally liked “Pugly”! …so wrong!

  43. This was so fun to watch — all those lamps were horrible, what a dubious honor for the winner!
    lgatlin at

  44. The ugly lamp contest is certainly a lot of fun, I can’t believe what kinds of lamps some folks will actually make or buy! The hometalk giveaway sounds like a great opportunity. I really enjoy your blog and check it 2-3 times a day for great ideas, thanks!

  45. Horrible, nasty, fun lamps 🙂 I still think the dog one was horrible, but the cast one is pretty bad!

  46. target gift card!!

  47. Target is my happy place.

  48. I so enjoyed seeing the ugly lamps and voting. . and I would enjoy even more a Target gift card!!

  49. This is me leaving a comment because a Target gift card (in any amount) would be really awesome right about now!

  50. That lamp is so ugly!! Glad it won. A Target gift card would be really nice right now.
    lisastassforth at sbcglobal dot net

  51. What a great contest — I laughed and laughed! Signed up at Hometalk too.

  52. I love the lamp contest!! I cracked up every day looking at the new totally hideous lamps!! Target is the best 🙂

  53. Ooh…I would love to win a Target gift card!

    emilystevens03 at yahoo dot com

  54. I “like” Hometalk on Facebook.

    emilystevens03 at yahoo dot com

  55. I have signed up to be a member of Hometalk, I love what they have going on over there!

    emilystevens03 at yahoo dot com

  56. Cool giveaway. Awesome lamps. Fantastic website!

  57. This contest just made my week. Every time I looked at these lamps it made me giggle. Let’s just hope that this wont spark a new trend. Can you just imagine a room dedicated to casts and deer parts….(as I shudder)

  58. What a lamp hope i win!

  59. That lamp is nasty ugly! My fave was the deer leg lamp….

  60. That was an amazing ugly lamp roundup. Seriously you do begin to wonder who gave the okay for things like that to be manufactured — like the angry man… in what situation would that work?!

    So glad the broken leg lamp won. That was truly amazing!

  61. Free money at my favorite store?!?! Oh how fabulous would that be…

  62. Like so many others have said, I appreciate my lamps now! haha I really wanted Pug-ly to win, though. But congrats to the winner!

    On another not, I’d really like that $100 gift card! My email is

  63. Well congrats to the winner! That was indeed an ‘interesting’ lamp…
    I really thought the pug lamp would win as it was ‘super interesting’….LOL!
    Thanks for the chance to win ;0)

  64. So many to choose from, indeed a worthy winner. Congrats to ugly leg lamp!

  65. That was really fun…and funny! And I would love to win a gift card! Thanks! ♥

  66. Haha! What a fun contest. I voted for the pugly dog…
    Thanks for the creative ideas… and the laughs too!

    freckle40 at hotmail dot com

  67. So exciting–this sounds like fun and would love me some Target spending!

  68. LINDSEY PICK ME!!!! I shop to much at Target and it would be more fun if $100 of it was free! You know where to find me!

  69. I love your site and especially your comentary on the pics – keep up the good work!

  70. I love me some Target!

  71. Yay for broken leg lamp, I totally voted for that one! Mostly because it is so ugly AND it grossed me out…

  72. Have been enjoying your blog for several months. It helped give me the confidence (or gumption) to try three furniture makeovers myself. Love the ugly lamp contest. So funny. Would love to win that GC. Thanks for blogging.

  73. I would love to have money to spend at target that didn’t come from my own pockets.

  74. I’m glad there is no smell-o-blog for that lamp.

  75. This one is so gross. so gross. lol

  76. With my first baby comng, I would LOVE to win a Target gift card! Love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity…

    Ashleyfsaunders at gee mail dot com

  77. I never knew lamps could be so ugly! Poor little ugly lamps, I hope someone out there can love these unfortunate pieces!

  78. I was voting for Raging Man also! But all really ugly…

    Becky at

  79. I can’t believe they’ve had that lamp for 10 years!!

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. I want to win!

  82. I liked hometalk on FB!

  83. I forgot to leave my email the first time I posted: If I win the giftcard it will help me get over the disappointment of pugly coming in 2nd place.

  84. This was awesome! I wonder if it smells a bit too…

  85. I love your site, and I especially love Target!

  86. Love your site – and those lamps were hysterical!

  87. I want this gift card! I heart Target!

  88. I was torn between the pugly lamp and deerly departed! I asked my 6-year-old his opinion, and we ended up flipping a coin (heads, pugly; tails, deer). 🙂 So much fun!

  89. I just joined HomeTalk!

  90. I am hoping you get 1000 comments… thanks

  91. This was such a great contest!!!! Very creative…the lamps that some people made and/or put in their home, well, make you wonder what the rest of their homes looked like 🙂 I love your blog!

  92. I can’t believe dearly departed lost, LOLOLOL

  93. And, I liked Hometalk on FB

  94. I LOVE target! chelsthornton at

  95. Who in their right mind would think to save their cast and then display in lamp form?! Hysterical! I hope they enjoy their gift. I would like to go shopping at Target soon so please consider my wish.
    {thanks for the giveaway!}

  96. I could hardly decide which of the disembodied leg lamps to vote for, but human disembodied leg is more creepy, so I’m glad it won!

  97. God bless fathers-in-law. This is spectacularly hideous. Also, yay contest!

  98. I never knew there were so many ugly lamps. Crazy! (and so much fun to see.)

  99. I love the ugly lamp contest! It keeps me laughing all week! Thanks for the giveaway!
    feathersflights at

  100. I looked forward to ugly lamp time and it did not disappoint!! Excited about the Target giveaway!!

  101. Please, please, please, please use your gift certificate and throw away that nasty broken leg lamp! It’s giving us all nightmares … What a fun contest!

  102. Does that lamp stink? LOL. When my son got his cast off we had to tie it in a plastic bag before we threw it in the garbage!!

  103. I wondered about the smelliness of the lamp, also, lol. i was pulling for Deerly Departed- but I suppose the best leg won… *insert groan*

  104. I was kind of rooting for the phantom dancers. Too bad they were knocked out of the competition… so many hideous contenders! 🙂

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Love Target & now ugly lamps! Thanks for the entertainment =D Can’t wait until next year!!

  107. Just joined Home Talk.

  108. And I like them on Facebook too. Big blue thumbs up!

  109. This was the best contest ever! Loved it…and I’d also love to win!

    Brie from

  110. I’d be so thrilled to win that Target gift card I’d even spring for a sock to put on the world’s ugliest lamp! Great contest again!

  111. To bad that lamp is not for sale at Target!

  112. Super ugly!

  113. I love target! And Ugly lamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Loved seeing all the ugly lamps! 🙂 That Target card sure does sound nice.

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  116. This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. I love me some Target – hope I win!

    p.s. I ‘liked’ Hometalk on Facebook.

  120. Target is just about to get Missoni! Yay! Hope to win. 🙂

  121. Target’s great!

  122. Wow! That’s truly a nice giveaway.

  123. My sad lamp lost! I need a target giftcard! 🙂

  124. Thanks for all your makeovers and for sponsoring giveaways. I am a member of HomeTalk.

  125. I love your blog! My email is

  126. I kinda want raging mad man. He made me laugh so much. Well, seductive bunny did too, but in a nervous, where’s the closest exit, kinda way…

  127. I luvre me some Tarjay…thanks for the lamp contest it was hysterical! Who knew there was so much hideousness out there?

  128. Pick me pick me! My email is

    Also, I liked Hometalk on Facebook! 🙂

  129. My son has saved his leg cast for 6 yrs. When cleaning out his closet to paint I ask him if I could throw it away. He said “not yet”, guess I could make him a lamp!!

  130. I am a member of Hometalk.

  131. Target Gift Card? YES PLEASE!
    mccallrandall@gmail dot com

  132. I loved the lamp thing. I would now love to win. The end.

  133. I never imagined there were so many ugly lamps in the world! Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  134. I liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  135. But that creepy baby was so creepy… I mean, in the middle of the night, the broken leg might be a little gross, but that baby would be downright terrifying!

  136. They were all horrible, but I had to vote for Deerly Departed out of respect for the deer that gave its life for our illumination.

  137. Wow. My ugly lamps are pathetically good-looking in comparison. Congrats to the broken leg lamp owner–honestly? kinda hope you win the Target gift card so you can buy something new. 🙂

  138. Oooh, I’m heart broken the baby zombies didn’t win but equally creeped out by the cast lamp. Well played smelly cast. Well played.

  139. I loved the Ugly Puggly lamp but the cast was a close second for me.

  140. Those were some seriously hideous lamps! I was a bit surprised that the leg cast won; I thought for sure it would be the deer or the pug. Speaking of winning, I’d love to win a Target gift card!

  141. What a great contest! The cast lamp was truly awful, even if the headless dog was my favorite.

  142. I haven’t enjoyed a contest as much as this in ages! More please!

  143. Those were horrible and hilarious. I may have cast lamps and lightbulby dog heads floating around in my dreams tonight 🙂 Thanks for the fun though! Usually I to come here to be inspired, this time it was good just to laugh (and fear whatever else the makers of any of those lamps made)!

  144. Cant wait till next years contest! I am liking hometalk on facebook. But have no idea if i can enter this contest. But here I am 😉 Its all so much fun so i decided to take the long shot.

  145. I just showed the contestants to my mum. She said: “Oh! Thats a nice one. I like that lamp!” when she saw the Deerly Departed! Hahahaa!

  146. It kind of makes me wonder what people would think of my white pig lamp but I happen to love it.

  147. I bet that leg lamp smells! That was the one I totally voted for too! LOL!!

    Oh, and you can tell me I’ve won the Target gift card at


  148. I was rooting for the Broken Leg lamp. Wonder if it still has that horrible sweaty cast smell when you turn on the light…ewwwwwww

  149. I don’t live in the US anymore, so please don’t enter me. I’m just here to try to bump your comments up for the rest of your readers. 😉

    I was so rooting for the pugly lamp! I’m devastated.

  150. I love (hate) that broken leg lamp! It’s like the gross version of that leg lamp on A Christmas Story. Of course I see I’m not the only one who thinks so! Love your blog!

  151. You always inspire me… hmmm.. should I dig out my childhood leg cast? I’m sure my mom has it somewhere! lazygreenmama at gmail

  152. member of hometalk!

  153. Great contest!

  154. Lol the broken leg lamp is just too good. Like really, who would even think to create such a thing? congrats to whomever would read by that lamp! 🙂

  155. I kinda liked the broken leg lamp it was a great way to show off that cast…although I probably would’ve redone it to make it more mordern looking… A little spray paint can go a loooong way! 😉

  156. A Target gift card would help as I’m in the process of creating my very own “better after” house.

  157. Ugliest lamp ever!!

  158. Just found your site & am addicted. Thanks for the great before & afters!


  159. That lamp is so grose! Definitely deserved to win!

  160. “Liked” HomeTalk on FB!

  161. Wow loved seeing all the lamps! Crazy stuff out there!

  162. Bummer for deerly departed… that one can’t even be helped with paint like some of the others…

    As for the contest… after random dot com picks me, I’m at eebognar at gmail dot com! (just wishful thinking) 🙂 Thanks Lindsay!

  163. This was such a fun contest! My pick didn’t win, but you really couldn’t go wrong(or right, really) with any of the choices.

    I love me some Tar-jay, and could totally do some damage with $100. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  164. Oh, and I’m a member at HomeTalk, too.

  165. Congrats to the lamp? LOL

    Would love a gift card!

  166. some crazy entries this year. I can’t believe some of those lamps were sold in stores. andy8jyl(at)verizon(dot)net

  167. some crazy entries this year. I can’t believe some of those lamps were sold in stores. andy8jyl(at)verizon(dot)net

  168. some crazy entries this year. I can’t believe some of those lamps were sold in stores. andy8jyl(at)verizon(dot)net

  169. What a fun contest! I DID pick the cast lamp too!!! Mostly because of the horrendousness of the smell of an old cast..I cannot imagine!!!! Rosie at

  170. I’d love to win that Target gift card. Here’s my entry.

  171. I liked HomeTalk on Facebook.

  172. Love the Ugly Lamp Contest – I liked Raging Man but they were all great and UGLY! Signed up for access to HomeTalk – they have some awesome things.
    e-mail is

  173. Love the Ugly Lamp Contest – I liked Raging Man but they were all great and UGLY! Signed up for access to HomeTalk – they have some awesome things.
    e-mail is

  174. my question is who get to redo all these ugly lamps?

  175. This comment has been removed by the author.

  176. I just have to tell you that I have just found your blog and I am in love with it. OMGosh! It is the coolest. You will see me regularly now! haha…

    Thank you so much,
    Heather Mullin

  177. This comment has been removed by the author.

  178. I love your blog and would love to win a target gift card!

  179. Love your blog. Love Target. Most of all, love free Target money! lol.

  180. I agree that it is like the leg lamp from a Christmas Story gone wrong! LOL

  181. I love giveaways and your contest was so much fun!

  182. Joined hometalk. So want Target gift card.

  183. I still think Raging Man was the ugliest. There was just something about his expression that said it all.

  184. That lamp deserved the honor of winning!

  185. Love your site!

  186. This was just great!! I personally loved both leg lamps- by love I mean they could never enter this house.

  187. Woo! Those were some ugly lamps. Congrats those crazies who built the ugliest of them all!

  188. “Liked” Hometalk on Facebook!

  189. And I am now also a member of Hometalk! Hope I win. I love Target gift cars. 🙂 Who wouldn’t?

  190. What a fun contest.. Love the ugly lamps!!

  191. I would love a Target giftcard!

  192. I “liked” Hometalk on FB.

  193. I can always use a $100 gift card (or $200)! My personal vote was for Deerly Departed, it just reminded me of something my brother would have made back in the day!

  194. lindsey…love your site…always have….always will…

  195. Casts are so ugly. but target gift cards are not.

  196. I stopped in to visit HOMETALK. Cool. I will be visiting them a lot! Thanks for the tip!

  197. That is one ugly lamp. Thanks for the chance to win.
    pressed24petals at yahoo dot com

  198. i also liked hometalk on FB.
    pressed24petals at yahoo dot com

  199. Come on, big 1,000!! makjell at hotmail dot com.

  200. Awww – I was pulling for Pugly. They leg lamp is awful though, you might get some sort of infection trying to turn it on.

  201. I loved that contest! So funny… and scary! Glad I don’t own one of those!

  202. Hmm. Not trying to double post, but doesn’t look like my comment posted.
    I loved this contest. And I thought raging man was really funny, too. 😉
    I also liked hometalk on Facebook. 🙂

  203. I don’t know how people were able to find such ugly and creepy lamps 🙂 what a fun contest. p.s I Love Target.

  204. I just became a home talk member !!

  205. All the lamps were pretty ugly! Hehehe. But Target gift card, woot!!! Enter me, please!!

  206. I love that the ugly lamp contest has become an annual event! I read your blog daily for the makeovers (both the ones I love and the ones I hate) and it always makes me smile.

  207. I was really pulling for the dog lamp! I just don’t get it…. Lampshade instead of a head. Creepy. Anyway, my email for the contest is!

  208. Wow, that was one ugly bugly lamp.
    Congrats to the winner!

  209. My lamps aren’t that ugly but I could definitely use some new ones… maybe with the target gift card?? here’s hoping.

  210. I was so rooting for the pugly one. Sad times, but that cast one was pretty nasty! Target card! Sign me up!

  211. Those lamps were awful, but I so enjoyed looking at them!

  212. oh i wish i had made lamps out of all 25(yes, TWENTY-FIVE), of my casts. that would have been FAB…….

    🙂 that is one ugly lamp.

  213. This comment has been removed by the author.

  214. I thought I had an entry but after viewing the selected. I realize I didn’t have a chance. Oh well?
    Thanks for the giggles 🙂

  215. I would love to win a gift card!

  216. OMG the lamps were hilarious! But the headless dog lamp just creeped me out Ewww! Love the contest I’ll be sure to spread the word.

  217. I voted for that lamp, do you think there’s something similar at Target?

  218. I’m a member of Hometalk!

  219. I liked hometalk on facebook!

  220. This contest was hilarious… and that is ONE UGLY LAMP! hahaha

  221. It should be required to destroy all the contenders at the end of the contest. They are really ugly lamps. thanks

  222. All the “contestants” are required to be destroyed at the end of this contest, right??

  223. Entered!

  224. I have to say….ick. Fun contest!

  225. My boys and I loved your ugly lamp contest… We were cracking up with each entry!

    cksandifer @ gmail. com

  226. This comment has been removed by the author.

  227. I “liked” the facebook page for
    Leaving some love so I can be entered to win the target gift card. email:

    Thanks 🙂

  228. These are some really ugly lamps!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  229. Liked hometalk on facebook. On looking just in case I win. lol

  230. I sure hope 1,000 people sign up – I love following your site – so inspirational (and such ugly lamps!).

  231. I hope I win!!

  232. Liked them on FB!

  233. I am crossing my fingers & my toes! I am in LOVE with Target!

  234. Became a member of!!!!!

  235. I liked hometalk on facebook!!!!

  236. I too was a fan of Raging Man. What company produces that stuff and the weird kids it may as well been a creepy clown with a knife. Always fun. Thanks for the Hometalk contest(glad I just scanned this bec. I typed in Hoetalk instead of Hometalk) Lisa

  237. but is it uglier than last year’s ? I don’t know…

  238. Pick me! Pick me for the giftcard!! I never win anything awesome… or anything at all, for that matter.

  239. Id like to enter the Target contest! thanks!

  240. Id like to enter the Target contenst! Thanks!

  241. Throw my name in the hat, please. And thanks for letting us know about Hometalk! We are remodeling our new-to-us house and it should come in handy.

  242. I’ve signed up to be a member of

  243. I {like} Hometalk on Facebook.

  244. They were all terrible! I signed up at the website and liked on facebook.[dot]com

  245. Commenting! Man, it was a really close race wasn’t it!? Thanks for the fun.

  246. That is definitely one of the ugliest lamps I have ever seen! I would love that gift card though! 😉

  247. This comment has been removed by the author.

  248. I ♥ Target & hometalk! Hope you get the 1,000 comments. 🙂

  249. Honestly, every one of those lamps were winners (well except the penguin,I have a fondness for penquins)in the ugly category. Just found your site and I’m loving it!

  250. I like HomeTalk on Facebook!

  251. I didn’t know there were so many ugly lamps in this world!

  252. what a fantastic giveaway!

  253. i liked hometalk on fb!

  254. Great fun looking at the lamps. Would love to win a $100 ($200) gift card from Target. Contact me at when I win 😉

  255. LOVE TARGET! YAY!!!!!

    lane (underscore) laura at hot mail dot com!

  256. I had no idea such ugliness even existed. It makes me want to go buy a pretty lamp from Target!

  257. Enjoyed looking at all the lamps. I would love to win a $100 ($200) gift card from Target.

  258. Great contest! Hilarious! Congrats to Brittany! Well deserved and I’m so happy that she can get a new lamp! lol

  259. I’m a member of HomeTalk too and also like them on FB.

    I shared your giveaway with my readers! 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  260. es autentica!!

  261. Those were some unique lamps! Yikes.

  262. I’m amazed by some of the lighting sources people tolerate. I’d rather sit in the dark 🙂

  263. ugliest/best lamp ever!

  264. Here is my comment to enter the hope of winning the Target prize and telling you how much fun this ugly lamp showcase has been!

  265. I love Target…. 😉


  266. Oh!!! Those are out of this world ugly! I would love to win a gift card to my fav-Target!

  267. I don’t like lamps and I don’t have any in my house because I can’t find any that would stand up to my 18 month old 🙂

  268. Also just became a home talk member!

  269. Even though my vote didn’t win ( the pugly lamp) I still think the winner lamp is awful. Who would even want a decades old cast sitting on (and I’m sure smelling up) a dresser/nightstand/shelf/sofa table. Congrats and EWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  270. that was an ugly lamp, no two ways about it.

    I love target, I love giveways. I love winning them the most!

  271. Love your blog, girl! 🙂
    And oh, how a Target shopping spree would come in handy right now. Thanks for the chance to win. ~Holly (scottsnelling (at)

  272. Love your blog, girl! 🙂
    And oh, how a Target shopping spree would come in handy right now. Thanks for the chance to win. ~Holly (scottsnelling (at)

  273. Wow..boy am I glad that is not my lamp.


  274. I like Hometalk on facebook.


  275. would love to win this!

  276. I can’t imagine the dead skin leftover in that cast lamp. ICK.


    email is: Yay spam!


    Funny contest! Love Target!


    Funny contest! Love Target!

  279. Love seeing all the ugly lamps! Pug is the best!!

  280. Loved the ugly lamp competion!

    stormyranew at yahoo dot com

  281. Pick me! Pick me!

  282. love the lamps, this contest has been keeping me entertained all week!

  283. wanna win the target card! –

  284. That broken leg lamp seriously grosses me out. I can almost imagine the sweaty yucky smell that goes along with a cast. It is so wrong and yet that is what makes it so great for the contest! Fingers crossed for the giftcard:)

  285. I need to get me an ugly lamp! 🙂

  286. They were all so sick! But really, a cast for a lamp? Really?!? Such a funny contest!

  287. I became a hometalk member and liked on facebook!

  288. I’m not an official Hometalk member. Pretty exciting:)

  289. Oops, that was supposed to say Now in my last comment.

    And so as to avoid double posting to fix my error, I liked them on facebook too:)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  290. Wowsers. Got hung up over on and almost did make it back to comment! Geesh. Lamp contest was hilarious. Thanks for adding some humor to our days!

    boandchrista at gmail

  291. I haven’t been to target since they opened the new one. A gift card would be great.

    The ugly lamp contest was great. I thought I’d seen some ugly lamps before, but it turns out I’d never seen an ugly lamp before this contest!

  292. What a truly hideous lamp… The thought behind it was nice I suppose, but how could you look at that and think it was a good idea? Love your site, btw. One of the after dressers was the inspiration for me to go out and buy this truly terrible $10 reStore dresser and turn it into something fabulous for my daughter!

  293. Awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t love Target?

  294. Awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t love Target?

  295. Awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t love Target?

  296. I signed up for Hometalk.

  297. I also liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  298. Oh that lamp sicks me out! When I saw that I knew it was the winner lol

  299. A Target Card would be veeery useful!

  300. For sure I thought the deer lamp would win (lose).

  301. I <3 Target!!!!

  302. I “liked” hometalk on FB


  303. i LOVE target! 🙂 that lamp is hideous!

  304. I have this urge to go lamp shopping!

  305. Nice to know taste in lamps is just as bad as ever! Love this most awesome of comments. PS Have a great Better After but no before pics 😛 reminds me to always take pics of my projects!

  306. What could have moved someone to make a lamp out of a leg cast? Why? O_O

  307. this contest was too funny! gotta wonder if that lamp smelled too??

    tiffany sexton

  308. signed up for HomeTalk!

    tiffany sexton

  309. liked HomeTalk on FB!!

    tiffany sexton

  310. Ugh for the leg-lamp..definitely not a replica of the famed “Christmas Story” leg lamp either.

    There were lots of noteworthy entries though.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  311. I’m a HomeTalk member too

    shel704 at aol dot com

  312. I like HomeTalk on Facebook: Michelle H.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  313. I thought for sure Pugly was going to win. Come on, headless pugs?!

  314. Those were some ugly lamps! Bet it was hard to choose just one.

  315. Ewwww ew ew yucky lamp!
    Would not turn down a Target gift card though. 🙂

  316. This was my first year to be “lucky” enough to vote for such an awesome contest! haha…. Thanks for sharing some of the Fugliest lamps around!! 🙂

  317. I need me some target money!

  318. I liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  319. I love Target!! What a great giveaway!

  320. I “liked” Hometalk on facebook

  321. I became a member of!

  322. I also like hometalk’s page on facebook!!

  323. Leaving my love for Home Talk!

  324. If only we could win the ugly lamp too… but a target gift card would be almost as nice.

  325. I still think the headless dog was the most disturbing…
    Super-fun contest!

  326. Pick me! Pick me! I’m the one waving my hands wildly over here in Michigan 🙂

    I’ve had some ugly lamps in my life, but none of them ever came close to the ugliness evidenced in this contest!

    kimberlyhoyt (at) gmail (dot) com

  327. Hilarious. I totally voted for that one!

    And I LOVE me some Target!!!

  328. I was rooting for “Deerly Departed”. It boggles my mind that someone would turn it into a lamp. Too Funny!

  329. Liked “Hometalk” on FB. Come on Target giftcard!

  330. I love your site and I love Target!

  331. This comment has been removed by the author.

  332. Loved the contest, love your blog.
    Stephanieewoods at gmail dot com

  333. The ugly lamp winner deserved to win!

    I would LOVE to receive the Target giftcard! I finally live in a city where the is a Target within a 60 mile radius and I go all the time!

  334. Pick me!

  335. That is one ugly lamp. And who couldn’t use some Target cash!? Count me in! {punkpumpkinpeanut at gmail}.

  336. and I like them on FB!

  337. I missed the lamp contest, but that broken leg lamp is hilarious! Thanks for the giveaway!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  338. I’m a member of HomeTalk!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  339. I like HomeTalk on Facebook!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  340. woo hoo…. i love it!!!

  341. woo hoo…love it! yay target! 🙂

  342. A $100 gift card? Just imagining all the ugly stuff I could replace with that!! YEE HAW!! 🙂

  343. I love lamp! 🙂

  344. Is that lamp also smelly??!!

    That would be sitting in my garage for sure!

  345. As horrible as this lamp is, can you imagine how horrific the room it was in must have looked like so it didn’t sign out like a sore…leg? Or even worse: the SMELL! EWWWW!!!!!

  346. Target = awesome 😉

  347. I would love love a gift card to target. email is

  348. I just liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  349. I also became a member of Hometalk too.

  350. like HomeTalk now too 🙂

  351. I would looooove to get that gift card!! 🙂

  352. Winning that gift card would be awesome!

  353. Just became a member of Home Talk!

  354. Just “liked” Home Talk on fb.

  355. It is hard to believe that most of these were mass produced! So much Fun – thanks’!

  356. While I don’t have an “ugly” lamp, I definitely could use a new one! Thanks for the opportunity – love your site!!!

  357. This contest has been so much fun! I’d love to win the gift card, and my e-mail is


  358. I had such a hard time deciding between ugly lamps, but the one I ultimately chose won! 🙂

  359. Just signed up for HomeTalk!

  360. I loveee Target. That lamp, not so much 🙂

  361. I like Hometalk on FB.

  362. Oh man… I wonder what their expressions were like when dear ‘ole dad handed them his glorious new cast lamp creation. How do you hide THAT kind of horror? Maybe they just laughed hysterically and he thought he’d done good. Uuuuugh.

  363. PLEASE enter me in the giveaway!
    Have a pretty day!
    contact info –

  364. What a great giveaway! I love the lamps! I can’e believe how ugly some of these are!

  365. Yes – so glad the creepy leg lamp won! And I would LOVE a Target gift card…who wouldn’t? (

  366. The lamp looks like it stinks too. Great contest.

  367. I’d love to win!

  368. Liked HomeTalk on FB.

  369. I think that lamp was clearly the best winner.

  370. I “liked” Hometalk on Facebook!

  371. I laughed so hard at every. single. lamp! Man, those where bad! 🙂 Crossing my fingers for the Target gift card! Thanks! 🙂

  372. The Broken leg lamp is kinda like a trophy! I want to know the story.

  373. Loved the contest. Can you imagine someone actually using one of those lamps in their house?? Checked out hometalk. What a cool place. Would love to win something to Target.

  374. Target Giftcardddd! <3

  375. This comment has been removed by the author.

  376. Congrats to the winner! It had to be either that one or the headless dog.

  377. *~* Loved this contest…it started a really fun conversation on Saturday night at a party! There’s some really ugly lamps in this world…there’s needs to be a place to showcase them.*~*

  378. I would love a gift card from Tar-jay! 🙂 Love Hometalk too!

  379. I am a fan of hometalk on facebook!

  380. Sooo many ugly lamps! Wow! But thanks for entertaining us with this contest!

  381. I joined hometalk! Great site!

  382. I voted for that ugly cast lamp, I’m glad it won! I liked home talk on Facebook as well, and hoping I win the gift card. Missoni for Target comes out tomorrow, and I have my eye on so many things!

  383. Loved the ugly lamp contest, what a hoot!

  384. opps for got to leave me email address and let you know I’m a home talk member!

  385. Ahhh, I really liked/hated deerly departed! It made me go “ewwwww!”

  386. I don’t think anyone could have imagined a lamp so ugly!

    amfenton625 at gmail dot com

  387. I hope to use some inspiration from your site to update our ugly lamps!

  388. Yikes. I just can’t get over the cast. It probably had an odor to go with the horrible look.

  389. I like Hometalk on facebook now!

  390. I hope l win!

  391. What a contest! Now I’ll have to be on the lookout for ugly lamps. As long as I can just take a picture and don’t have to own them, I’m totally okay with that!

    Please enter me in the drawing–I’d love to win!

  392. Love this blog! And love the creepy lamp!

  393. this contest made me appreciate my lamps and my moms house lamps!! lol… great constest… makes you realize how good you have it!!

  394. I was partial to the raging man. But these lamps were all super uggo!!

  395. These lamps were hilarious. I forwarded it to my friends. I would love to win the contest! sethpeggy at gmail is my address.

  396. That lamp is horrible. I am glad it won.Pick me pick me I love target 🙂

  397. Ugly leg lamp – a true winner!

  398. I love Target they have cute lamps.

  399. Fab contest, many laughs had in our house with this one, Thanks

  400. Oooo enter me for the gift card.

  401. I liked hometalk on Facebook!

  402. nice! who doesnt love tarjay!
    …how could you NOT vote for the nasty cast lamp!

  403. Great contest–wish I had entered my SIL’s dancing ladies with oil dripping down strings lamp–maybe for next contest…..

  404. Wow, that lamp really is ugly. Fun to see what people come up with though.

  405. CONGRATS to the WINNER! Funny, but what a memory! Thanks for the chance to win the Target gift card! 🙂

  406. i want a gift card!!

  407. Yay for Target!

  408. I don’t know if the target gift card is still in play, but I recently moved into an apartment almost double the size of my old one (old one was 45 sq ft!) and I am trying to outfit it right! Some beautiful accessories from Target would go a long way!

  409. What an ugly lamp. Love the contest!

  410. Great contest! Who knew there were so many uniquely ugly lamps in the world.

  411. That is truly horrifying. But at least you are easing the pain with an awesome give away!

  412. If I ‘had’ to have one, it would be the Cast lamp because it would probably cast a good shadow in my room. The Deer lamp gives me the creeps. Thanks for the fun contest!

  413. Wow, nice lamp!

    I’d love to go to Target with this giftcard! I’d finally be able to shop the way I want to!
    codyandkaty at

  414. I signed up on their website too codyandkaty at

  415. and became a fan on facebook!

    codyandkaty at

  416. those lamps were so funny. I love these contests!

  417. I LOVE contests! And Target!

  418. What a fun contest that was! Would really like to win the Target card (fingers crossed).

  419. I love TARGET! 🙂

  420. I could smell that lamp through cyberspace and it was not pretty.

  421. I could definitely use a Target gift card! Thanks for hosting the hilarious ugly lamp contest again this year!

  422. I was pulling for the deer leg lamp, but I see the attraction of the winner (if attraction is the right word …). Pick me!

  423. Thank you for having a great contest. I love Target 🙂

  424. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  425. I also signed up for Home Talk!

  426. I heart the ugly lamp contest!

  427. I have a mile long Target wishlist! Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity. elleb at inbox dot com

  428. I fell in love with your blog for all the pretty-instant-gratification after pictures, but these lamps are HIlariously hideous and add a whole other thing to love.

  429. I voted for baby zombies because it made me chuckle but that leg cast lamp is definitely a winner because it had a bonus Yuck factor to make it not only ugly but gross!
    Target gift card? Yes please!

  430. This comment has been removed by the author.

  431. Loved the contest! Just found out we are expecting our 2nd so we could most def put that Target card to use!

  432. The broken leg lam makes me want to break someone’s leg!


  433. Yay for giveaways!

    kibler100 at gmail dot com

  434. Gosh!!! The broken leg lamp is horrible.

  435. Thanks for the chance to win the gift card

  436. Now that is definitely an ugly lamp! Hubby is unemployed so winning a Target gift card would be a blessing!

  437. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this lovely blog together! I really love looking at all the ideas people have and how they can see such potential in the ordinary things. Its incredibly inspiring. 🙂 Hooray for Target!

  438. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this lovely blog together! I really love looking at all the ideas people have and how they can see such potential in the ordinary things. Its incredibly inspiring. 🙂 Hooray for Target!

  439. Oh my! that is one ugly and disgusting lamp…a used cast?! Gross! But a Target gift card? yes please! my email is: ltatarsky[at]hotmail

  440. Definitely voted for the “ugly leg lamp”. I wonder sometimes what people are thinking when they have those off-the wall type pieces in homes. Makes me think and re-evaluate the stuff I have in my home.

  441. the deer was my favorite ugly lamp.. and hot diggity dog!!!! i would sooooo love a card to target.. oh i could have so much fun with that card!!!

  442. I have loved looking at all these ugly lamps! What does that say about me? LOL The cast one is ugly that’s for sure.

  443. Love the contest…hate the lamp

  444. Yay for Target!

  445. that broken leg lamp is terrible. Glad it won

  446. Count me in!

  447. I would LOVE to wind the gift card — Target is cool ad is even cooler.

  448. Oh that cast was creepy all right. Can’t even look at it without making the disgusted face. Glad it won! Love the contest!!!

  449. Your site is inspiring! Well, maybe not the ugly lamps, but your regular better after postings make me want to whip out the paintbrushes and give something a makeover.

  450. Too funny! Scary, scary lamps!

  451. I love your blog and all your ideas. Hope to be a winner! thanks

  452. Thanks. I love Target.

  453. I have GOT to win this! I LOVE Target!!!!

  454. I’m excited! Hope you reach 1000!
    P.S I also liked them on facebook!

    cahill.brittany @ gmail . com

  455. I don’t know if I will ever get those deer toes out of my head. It is funny that some of the ‘top’ picks were appendages.

  456. Wow, that lamp is really ugly … but I don’t know that it really trumps the deer foot, just to mention one.

  457. I love me some Target!

  458. Awful awful lamps, but a fun contest. I just hope to forget them sooner than later. A lovely Target card could help…I could do with some lamp shopping myself. All we have is overhead fan/lamps. LEts just say I’m not a fan of those! Em @

  459. That thing is just plain ugly! Glad she gets to pick something new 🙂

  460. That was a fabulous contest – I looked for ugly lamps all weekend!

  461. I signed up on Hometalk!

  462. Great contest with some UGLY lamps! Our family could REALLY use that gift card! Thanks for the great reading!


  463. I signed up as a member of!



  464. I liked HomeTalk on Facebook!



  465. seriously that lamp is so gross it is making me dry heave. ha ha!

  466. I laughed at all the lamps, congrats to the winner! And I love Target!

  467. Fun contest! And oh how I would love to spend $200 right now for free 😉

  468. Who ever thought so many people would have such ugly lamps? And be proud to show them off?!

  469. I was torne between the deer foot and the leg lamp. I think both gave me nightmares.

  470. I’m in! And loved the contest!!

  471. HI! I voted for Creepy Baby, but the choice was difficult…so many ugly lamps!

  472. Love the contest!!! That leg Lamp was just plain gross!

  473. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this lovely blog together! I really love looking at all the ideas people have and how they can see such potential in the ordinary things. Its incredibly inspiring. 🙂 Hooray for Target!

  474. I “Liked” Hometalk on Facebook.

  475. I love Target!

  476. What an ugly lamp. Kinda creepy!!!!

  477. Thanks for the chance to win!

  478. I liked HomeTalk on facebook!

  479. I REALLY wanna win!!

  480. Oh goodness, but I love give aways!

    taylorcailee @ gmail . com

  481. liked home talk on facebook

  482. I can’t believe someone decided to make and of those lamps.

  483. I kept looking for lamps to submit. None even came close! Thank goodness!

  484. Hope I win because I need some grocery money.

  485. I really hope it gets up to 1000 comments! Even if I don’t win, at least I will know I contributed to someone winning some more money! 😛 Good luck everyone!

  486. I never win anything so I’m hoping that this sad comment will be my turnaround. I am still reeling from the lamps and imagining the barrels of laughs at various family reunions all over the country. Or, perhaps, someone knitting a beautiful woolen gift for a loved one under the light of the headless pug lamp!!!!

  487. $100? Woot! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  488. Love your blog. I’d also love $200 at Target:)

  489. Love Target andf would love winning!!!

  490. I could certainly enjoy a gift card to Target. I loved the ugly lamp contest and we had some really good laughs over a few of them. I am currently browsing my stuff to see what “Better After” project I can submit. I’ve got some afters, but not knowing about your blog, I didn’t take “befores”. You can contact me at my gmail or Love your blog!

  491. YAY!! I think Target is my all-time favorite store.

  492. Ooo, ooo! Pick me! I lurve me some Target! (I “liked” the page on Facebook too.)

    You can catch me at:

    yarnista at ymail dot com

  493. What an awesome giveaway–maybe a new lamp should be purchased?!?!

  494. EW! Why would you do that? For goodness sake people, just throw the cast away! I hope I win 🙂 kkscott713@aol(dot)com

  495. I am always a little giddy when I see “Better After” in my e-mail message list. Transformations inspire me! Your wordalicious descriptions are the icing on the re-do cake. A Tar-jay gift certificate wouldn’t be bad, either.

  496. This contest was so much fun! I hope you are given the opportunity to do more like this in the future.

  497. I liked hometalk on facebook. I want to win!

  498. Possibly too late but I’ll give it a try!! I can’t get enough of the re-dos…so much fun!

  499. I loved the lamps, but I’m glad you’ll be going back to the fun before/after posts 🙂

  500. Who would have ever thought that ugly lamps could make me so happy. This contest is hilarious!

  501. Wheee! I love Target! 🙂

  502. I have joined HomeTalk! Love that site!

  503. I love your ugly lamp contests! And I LOVE a target giftcard!!

  504. i LIKE hometalk on facebook!!

  505. that is the best ugly lamp I’ve ever seen. How can anyone top that next year?!!

  506. Love your site! Hope I win:)

  507. Dude, $100 to Target would really go far for my family … BTW that lamp gives me nightmares.

  508. so terrible!!

  509. Does the leg cast lamp smell? Ewww…

  510. Ugly lamp contest is a keeper! I loved voting!

  511. Target gift card just in time for Missoni!

  512. I love this contest!

  513. HI- I love your commentary, your so funny, Go TARGET.

  514. Horrible lamp. Awesome giveaway!!

  515. That lamp was nasty! I wanna win that gift card!

  516. Pick me! I want to win!
    lanceandstacy at gmail dot com

  517. terrifying….the only way to describe the feeling that “cast ” over me when I viewed that lamp during the contest..I just knew it had to win…but what a roundup!

  518. Awesome giveaway! That lamp is sooo pretty.

  519. awesome…I love target!!!!

  520. Great giveaway! Could definitely use a Target gift card this fall!

  521. Loved the contest and love your blog! And a target card giveaway is wicked! Thanks !!

  522. Loved this contest! I am still horrified that someone not only saved their nasty cast, but went so far as to turn it into a lamp! I would love to win the Target gc, as we are in the middle of a major home renovation and our $5,000 budget is dwindling so fast on boring things like trim and concrete, etc… I promise I’ll post cute afters if I win! (The after might not be cute if I don’t win…)

  523. I forgot to add my email– I’ll go like ht on fb so this counts as a second entry.

  524. I am now a member of home talk, as well.

  525. What fun!

    Thanks for holding this contest–I’d love to win!


  526. Awesome contest! Who couldn’t use a target gift card?!!

  527. That was a fun little contest. That lamp definitely deserved the win! Speaking of winning, I wouldn’t mind winning that Target gift card! 🙂

  528. What a great contest. I think everyone’s major concern should be that Target starts paying attention and accidentally reproduces the ‘winner’ thinking people want one!!

  529. Thanks for the giveaway!

  530. I’ve signed up on their website

  531. I thought I had ugly lamps. These made mine look fabu. I hope I win!

  532. I love your blog! And I want that Target gift card!

  533. Wow, that was a lot of ugly/weird/disturbing!

  534. That lamp deserved to win. 🙂 Great contest as always and C’MON NUMBER 1000!!!!

  535. Oh man, that was the worst lamp ever! I love contests!!

  536. Loved the ugly lamp contest! 🙂 So fun to see all of those ugly lamps!

  537. Great giveaway! larajlind at gmail dot come

  538. I can’t believe zombie babies had the lowest amount of votes…they creeped me out. I feel like they could write a Goosebumps book based off that lamp! Do they still write Goosebumps books? Anyway, Target yay!

  539. I’d love to win! (and I enjoyed the ugly lamps too!)

  540. WOW. I cannot imagine an uglier lamp! Glad it isn’t at my house!


    What a fun contest.

  541. I want to win!!!!

  542. that was a great contest…I can’t believe people actually have these lamps…LOL..

  543. Makes me want to go find an ugly lamp to do over!

  544. I just became a member of HomeTalk….great website…

  545. Good selection of ugly lamps this year! It was hard to choose which one to vote for!

  546. I just LIKED Home Talk on FB….thanks for the giveaway…

  547. Wooowww – that’s just scary! Not something I’d really want to remember, personally.

  548. Great blog!

  549. Great giveaway, I hope I win!!!!!

  550. I love Better After! Always a great read!!!

  551. Signed up for! Can’t wait to start seeing posts from them!

  552. Liked HomeTalk on FB!

  553. Interesting contest.

  554. I liked on Facebook.

  555. I would love, love, love this gift card…

  556. Thanks for the entry!!

  557. Love Target! Loved this contest!

  558. Oh wow, that lamp…

    I moved in May and am too broke to decorate my new house. 🙁 Target gift card would be so awesome!

  559. Great giveaway!

  560. I love your site and I love Target!! I am there day and night…

  561. I dream of what I could get from Target!

  562. Ew, that lamp is gross! But, I love me some Target!

    danandbrittneyhall (gmail)

  563. Loved the contest, don’t think the broken leg shoulda won, but that’s just me. In other news…I TOTALLY think I should win the Target gift card. My child needs some new clothes. No really, I swear. hahaha

  564. Loved the contest, don’t think the broken leg shoulda won, but that’s just me. In other news…I TOTALLY think I should win the Target gift card. My child needs some new clothes. No really, I swear. hahaha

  565. Loved the contest, don’t think the broken leg shoulda won, but that’s just me. In other news…I TOTALLY think I should win the Target gift card. My child needs some new clothes. No really, I swear. hahaha

  566. Great contest and I think the best man, er, lamp, won. It was close between the deer feet and the cast. There’s something gruesome about these creations that takes them beyond ugly. Your contest has been howlingly funny!
    best, nadia

  567. love your blog and your writing-always makes me laugh!

  568. What a fun contest! I can’t find the runners-up, though…would love to see ’em!

    orangesforadam at yahoo dot com

  569. I found this site through your guest appearance on Cake Wrecks, and have been completely inspired to try out a project. Haven’t picked the project, but I’m working on it.


    Hope I win the gift card:


  570. i would love to win! love target!

  571. i became a fan on facebook!!

  572. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – never rang so true.

  573. I like Hometalk on FB and I actually do like it. I’ve used the discussion board for advise a a number of times. Very helpful.

  574. I voted for the raging man cuz he was just hideous, but this was a fun contest. I love your sight, and would love to win a gift card.

  575. All of those lamps were too funny—congrats to the lucky winner! And thanks for doing the HomeTalk contest.

  576. I also signed up for Hometalk!

  577. I wanna win the gift card!

  578. Ah, I really wanted the deer lamp to win. It’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen turned into furniture.

    On the other hand, a Target gift card would make all my disgust go away!

  579. Ah, I really wanted the deer lamp to win. It’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen turned into furniture.

    On the other hand, a Target gift card would make all my disgust go away!

  580. Ah, I really wanted the deer lamp to win. It’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen turned into furniture.

    On the other hand, a Target gift card would make all my disgust go away!

  581. Haha! That lamp gives me the heebie jeebies!!

  582. I could do some damage with $200 at Target!

  583. By far the ugliest lamp ever.

  584. Great contest! Hope I win the gift card! –

  585. Can’t imagine why some of those lamps were ever created in the first place!
    Awesome giveaway!
    isjanellethere at yahoo dot com

  586. What an ugly lamp.

  587. I also liked Hometalk on Facebook!

  588. Love the ugly lamps! And I love contests. 🙂

  589. Wow! That’s a heck of a lamp!

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  591. oh I could really use a Target card! We get everything there!

  592. Here’s my comment!

  593. I voted for the Broken Leg lamp both times. It is SO UGLY!!

    Anyway – HomeTalk seems like a great concept!

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  595. I liked HomeTalk on FB.

  596. I joined HomeTalk’s website.

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  600. what a great contest.

    Hope I win!


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    bribrekke711 @

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    i would love to win the gift card!! i sorely need some Target Bling Bling!!!

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  609. Love Target… who doesn’t?!

  610. I feel left out because I have no ugly lamps – haha!

  611. I’d love to win! Target is my favorite store.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  612. I like HomeTalk on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  613. I def. thought the leg lamp was the ugliest of them all, but I have to admit that I did make a Christmas ornament out of a picture painted on my arm cast many years ago. I have since thrown it away. 😉

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  630. I believe that the broken leg lamp won due to its gross factor. I remember when I had my arm cast taken off (when I was 8) and it had quite a funny smell to it.

  631. yay! a giveaway! And I still think that Unicorn lamp needs an honorable mention.

  632. I love contests! Especially one with a Target giftcard… 🙂

  633. I have dozens of things I could make over and make better with a Target giftcard!

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    marigoldsue at yahoo

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  639. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    clark6703 at earthlink dot net

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