Swirls Just Want to Have Fun

Nothing wrong with this chair, nope, nothing at all. Other than it didn’t really fit in with the feel of Haley’s home, and the fact that the more I stare at it, the more it looks like a unhinged dragon-serpent trying to hypnotize me.  So Haley banished the dragon in favor of stripes and we can all breathe easier.

Check it out on her blog, Messy Craft Table

Be honest, did you kind of like that crazy dragon fabric?  If so, you will love this next redo from Chelsea,  who gives boring the boot to make way for some zesty Morrocan fabric of fun on her office chair!  Fantastic!

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  1. Haha your title made me laugh! I’m loving the makeovers. That dragon had to GO!

  2. I have the colorful fabric in the form of a shower curtain from Dillard’s online! I love it.

  3. Seriously love your site, not only are the before and after photos AWESOME, but you make us laugh all the time.
    Really, who doesn’t love a good pun!
    Thanks for doing what ya do!

  4. haha!

    I love both of these transformations! Great job, ladies!

    Thanks for always making me laugh, Lindsey!

  5. oh wow, they both look so different

  6. I would have kept the dragon swirly fabric. It was a striking chair. Wasn’t feeling the vibe from the stripe. But I had to laugh when you kind of admitted you liked the dragon swirl a little bit too. The office chair looks terrific!! I’ve always liked warmer colors and gorgeous patterns.

  7. Any way you can tell me where the office chair fabric is from? I love it. Looked on Dillards and did not see it.

  8. Nikki- I did the office chair redo with a fabric I found at Home Fabrics (Tucson, AZ) for pretty cheap! You might be able to call them and maybe show them the picture and they can point you in the right direction!

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