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Have you ever heard of the Carter chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams?  I hadn’t, but it sounds like it must be cool.  And expensive!  And yes, it is both.  It retails for $1700.  But Sandra won the good karma lottery one day when she found two of these unique chairs on craigslist for … wait for it … $60!  And then, living near a border town, she was able to cross into Mexico where she had them both recovered for a grand total of …wait again … $120!  I think this calls for a Better After field-trip to Mexico, what say you?

Check it out on her blog Decorating on a Budget.

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  1. Lucky girl! Gorgeous! Love the chairs. Love Mexico. Count me in! 🙂


  2. Lindsey,

    Girl, you just made my day! I saw an email notification from Mr. Goodwill Hunting (I’m a BIG, BIG, FAN OF HIS) posting a comment on my blog saying he saw my chair on your blog!

    Thanks for the feature!! You just made my day – I was having a bad one. I’m all smiles now…from ear to ear! 😀

  3. super smart!!!!

  4. AWESOME! Nice job!

  5. Yes please. Count me in for the road trip!

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