Hey there!  I’ve got a great giveaway lined up for today!   I’m so excited about it because first of all, I really love this product and I think you will too, and secondly, there will be FIVE WINNERS!

Yes sir, five lucky readers will each win a $50 gift certificate to Mixed Bag Designs

When DJ from Mixed Bag Designs offered to let me try a few of their products, I was more than happy to oblige. These bags are fantastic!  They are made from a woven polypropylene, which makes them incredibly strong (most are able to hold 50 lbs) and ridiculously easy to clean (wipe with a damp cloth).

 Mixed Bag Designs has tons of cute patterns to choose from. I found myself veering back and forth between the black and white damask and the pink and silver zebra stripe.  So hard to choose!

But what impressed me most was how many styles and types of bags they offer.  

From little tiny cosmetic bags …

To bags big enough to hold a toddler …

And everything in between! 

(Note: Mixed Bag Designs does not recommend using thier bags to hold toddlers)  

Here’s a quick rundown:


tote bags

lunch totes

fashion bags

holiday bags

make-up bags

laundry baskets

sandwich baggies

insulated grocery bags

iphone/ipad cases

shopping bags

storage boxes

garment bags

laptop cases

duffle bags


and more!

yes, more!

These are a couple of items I especially loved:

The large ‘fold n hold!’  I will definitely be getting a few more of these.  I filled mine completely full of scrapbook paper and other paraphernalia, and it was so heavy I worried the straps were going to pop right off.  Nope! Not even close. It held up like a champ and is way cuter than my former scrapbook paper storage solution: a dying plastic grocery sack.

Speaking of grocery sacks, I also loved the insulated bag.  It is so generously sized, I could easily fit about three to four regular grocery sacks inside one.  Do they work?  Well, I used mine to bring home two cartons of ice cream from the store yesterday in 105 degree weather (and also kind of forgot about it on the kitchen counter for a while when I got home) and not even a dribble of ice cream had melted!   

AND did you know?  Mixed Bag Designs has a fundraising program for schools and organizations!  Love that!  I’d way rather buy cute bags than overpriced cookie dough.  More info HERE.


To enter once:
Simply leave a comment here! (please leave a way for me to contact you!)

To enter twice:
Leave a comment here PLUS visit the Mixed Bag Designs online store, and come back and let me know in a separate comment how you might like to spend your $50!

If just can’t wait to start shopping, get FREE SHIPPING with the code “better” through Oct. 5th!
Winners randomly selected Monday!
Good luck, I hope you win!

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  1. I follow your blog! And this is an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  2. I love the colors and patterns on the mixed bags!

  3. so cute. love your blog, too.

  4. Hope I win, too!

  5. Woah! I need one of the huge ones. Kids come with a lot of… crap.

  6. I love your blog! These bags look cute!

  7. Those bags are really awesome! 🙂

  8. These bags are adorable!

  9. I would love some of the drug store bags–all my reusable shopping bags are so big!

  10. Ooo…I love bags! These are great!
    vndnkkr7 at gmail dot com

  11. Love the bags- so many to choose from and great fabric. Please enter my name in the drawing- my email is nmarkosky@comcast.net

  12. The Pink/Black Plaid Duffle Bag is so cute! I think it would be great for my younger sister to use for her cheer practices!
    vndnkkr7 at gmail dot com

  13. I went to their website and love the fabric- If I won, I would love the large zippered tote and an insulated lunch bag to carry to school and replace my ugly cooler.

  14. How cool are some of those patterns???? Enter me!

  15. Adorable bags! Love your blog!

  16. Ohmygoodness, those bags and totes are awesome! I love the hipster bags and the tall totes!


  17. Great giveaway – those bags are awesome! The huge one is a little intimidating, though. Lol.


  18. These bags look awesome…I’ll have to check out the website!

  19. I love the lunch bags, too. The Red Daisy one is so cheerful!


  20. How awesome are those?! Sign me up! heise dot laura at gmail dot com.

  21. I’m pretty sure my kid would insist on being carried around in that giant tote. She’s kind of a strange baby.

  22. I adore the large zip totes and the hipsters! SWEET!!! Perfect for when I have to lug a lot or a little!

  23. I love the Halloween Purple Witch bag and the red and green Christmas bag! I really like the big “hold everything” bags also!

  24. wow I’d have to get the garment bag & travel tote in the blue/green equestrian pattern….

  25. Oh, man! Do I need one of these! I just went away for a weekend and had nothing to pack in! My cosmetic bag is ripped and useless, too.

  26. Cosmetic bag and medium tote in Peace/Love!

  27. What the heck? These things are so reasonably priced! I could buy like one of everything with a $50 credit! I’d probably get a few grocery bags – I love the damask and blue/brown flowers!

  28. Hope I win! I could use one of those insulated bags!


  29. Great giveaway! Thanks so much! I check your blog everyday. Love it.

  30. I love these bags!

  31. Great give away! I really need a lunch bag, these are very pretty!

  32. If I win I will use it for an insulated grocery bag and a fold n tote. Love them!

  33. I visited the Mixed Bag web site & I would probably get the shopping bag & a storage. These would make great Christmas gifts.

  34. Love your blog and love this giveaway too
    letsgosew at yahoo dot com

  35. I have visited Mixed Bags and I have to have some of the storage boxes.

  36. Oooh. What a fun treat these bags would be! Thanks.

  37. I’d love the English Stripe Med. tote. Also the Foodie bags. Yay!

  38. Aw, this one would be so much fun to win!!

  39. LOVE these bags….and your blog too! hope I win!

  40. Awesome bags. I like the black and turquoise flowers.

  41. These are adorable! Would love to win!

  42. I am so happy to learn about these bags.

  43. Would buy the fold and holds, would also get an Iphone cover. So much to choose from. I could spend 500 easily.

  44. I could really use so many of these products!

  45. I would SO love a new bag! What a fun giveaway!

  46. So cute! Fingers crossed!

  47. I would love the file tote!

  48. The bags are so cute! I would lke to be entered in the drawing.


  49. I’m all over that blue paisley grocery tote and a weekender bag!!

  50. I went to the web site to check out their products… they are awesome! I love the tall totes, and the large zip totes. The prices are reasonable, too!

  51. Those bags are swaesome! Thanks for all the giveaways!

  52. If I got to spend $$, I would choose the medium damask tote, a girly lunch bag, and maybe an insulated cooler. Such fun patterns to choose from!!

  53. Loved everything on the Mixed Bag website. Sure hope I win!

  54. Wow – thanks for the opportunity!
    tessa (dot) craig at gmail (dot) com

  55. I visited the site – very cute iPhone covers, and I’d totally stock up on some cute storage boxes!

  56. I have always LOVED colorful totes!
    Great give-a-way!
    I hope i win 🙂

  57. Oh, how I’d love to win! I am a teacher and I always am looking for cute bags.

    I am a faithful follower of your blog! 🙂


  58. Love the different patterns!

  59. Cute, cute, cute! Thank you Lindsey!

  60. LOOOOVE the blog! Just stumbled upon it today and am already so inspired to start redoing all kindsa stuff! flync124 at yahoo.com

  61. Ooh, how cute! Love the bright colors.

  62. Gotta love a bag that stand up to poo! (what, I have two babies 😉

  63. Gotta love a bag that stand up to poo! (what, I have two babies 😉

  64. Visited their website… love the idea of quality reuseable Christmas gift bags (esp the swirl prints)! lazygreenmama at gmail

  65. Ooh, just had a look through the catalog…I like the zip totes, like this one:


    My mom re-used department store bags for EVERYTHING. She’d probably love one of these:


    The hold-everythings are cool, too! They seem like they’d do well as laundry hampers, and I must admit, it’d be nice to get away from the practically disposable mesh pop-up hampers…

  66. Very cute. 🙂

  67. Woohoo! Give-aways and bags!

  68. Visited the site — we could always use some better ways to store things, but also the “foodie” bags are a great idea! I’ve been wanting to make those.

  69. I love this website. This is awesome.

  70. I love your blog!

  71. Excited about the giveaway – christinaaboston@hotmail.com

  72. I think afterlooking at the store that I would set up a black daisy get away. The Garment bag, duffle bag and tall tote.

  73. I would spend my $50 on Box Store Bags, Tall Totes and foodies!!

  74. I like the storage stuff – especially the Hold Everything and the Fold n Holds. That’s what I would get.

  75. Ooo…I have no idea what I’d buy! I loved the purple crocodile bag! And I liked the art portfolios. I’d love something in wave if they were larger bags.

  76. Oh… I’m in love! Such stylish bags!

  77. I would definitely go for the lovely black & white damask grocery store bag and get a cooler to match.

    Okay, so I’d get TWO of the grocery bags and a cooler… 😀

  78. Oh I could have fun with that! Lovely things!

  79. Love your blog. You have so many great ideas. These bags are very cute.


  80. I would get 2 insulated totes – one in pink and black plaid and one in the black damask (one for me and one for my momma). And a medium tote either in black damask or red poppy. Such lovely things!

  81. fun Fun FUN! A sturdy bag would do wonders for me and my two boys! lindstrom(dot)le@gmail(dot)com

  82. I own a couple of these bags and love them!

  83. Comment 1! These bags are pretty cute!

  84. Comment 2! Love the Circles Large Zip tote! Perfect for overnights!

  85. If I would win…the storage boxes would be my first choice!

  86. love your blog!! Awesome giveaway!! sharlynhershberger@yahoo.com

  87. SO SO SO cute 🙂

  88. Ooh! I’m excited (:

  89. Definately would get a large zip tote and the storage fold and file….LOVE the damask print! SO cute 🙂

  90. I would get the insulated (blue / brown flower) grocery bag and some small cosmetic / pouches. With two small kids timing grocery runs around kids schedules vs keeping things frommelting is hard.

  91. Wow, I love the designs. Off to check out their website.

  92. These are awesome! Great giveaway.

  93. Those look awesome. I might need one. I hope I win!

  94. Thanks for the giveaway! These are so pretty!

  95. @nd comment – Fold n Hold – do I have stuff to put in you! Re-organizing my sewing stuff and in desperate need of pretty storage solutions!

  96. Okay, checked out the website and found many nice bags…and affordable. I definately need the insulated bags and one or two of the grocery, department store, or box store bags. Loving the pink/black plaid.

  97. Those bags are adorable!!! Great giveaway

  98. Love the blog and love these bags! Awesome!

  99. love this giveaway and your blog!

  100. What beautiful patterns! It’s hard to choose.

  101. I love the aqua paisely large fold-n-hold.

  102. As an admitted bag addict i say, shame on you for enabling me!

  103. browsing the site, I would definately get the fashion totes, those are perfect to keep our goodies in while spending the weekends at swim meets 🙂

  104. I checked out their website, I’d spend a giftcard from them on an iPad case, and I love the tall tires, and the large zip tote in zebra print!

  105. I love your blog. I always find amazing after shots.

  106. After checking out the website I’m thinking new lunch totes for the awesome ladies in my life and maybe one for me too!

  107. As a bag lady i am shaking in my boots in anticipation of possibly winning one of these beauties.

  108. Woohoo! Love these.

  109. I’d get the fold n’ holds. They’re brilliant.

  110. If I won $50 I’d get the Classic Leopard Big Travel Bag, those camo foodies and the Red Plaid Department Store Bag (:

  111. I love all of the styles of these bags! crossing my fingers 🙂

  112. Oooh, very cool! You can never have too many cute things to hold stuff in!

  113. After checking out the website, I love the large totes and the lunch totes.

  114. Cute stuff, I think I need the.iPhone cover and the huge zippered tote, definitely .

  115. Oh , here’s my first entry, second!0

  116. wow ! don’t you just love a tote bag! Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. Great giveaway! I shared your site with the Wee Folk Art blog, and there was a link back to your site. Check out her chair makeover: http://weefolkart.com/content/future-funky-chair

  118. I would really love the black swirl large zipper tote, the painted flower medium tote and the aqua paisley cosmetic set. So cute and functional.

  119. need some of those foldable storage totes, and the snack bags are great for saving money (and the planet) from plastic bags!

  120. Love the black daisy and red poppy totes. And the blossom weekender! And the best part is you can get several bags for the $50! lynn_w (at) softhome.net

  121. I love bags so much!!!!!!! These look so cute!

  122. Oooo, pick me!

  123. I’m sort of bag addicted. I’d love to win this!

  124. Very cute! Love the totes and the collapsible boxes so much! Thank you!

  125. Love your blog and love these bags!

  126. I definitely want an insulated tote (blue/brown flower) and a tall tote (black daisy)

  127. These bags are so cute!

  128. Comment #2 I would love a weekender zip bag and a new insulated lunch bag! Choosing the patterns would be tough…

  129. I’d pick a insulated bag and a new cosmetic bag (the one I have is 20 years old!)

  130. Ohh the Circles Hold Everything would be so wonderful for everything from toting laundry up and down our stairs to packing clothes for an overnight trip!

  131. I love those bags. Thanks everyone for the giveaway. Kradams54@hotmail.com

  132. I woulld get a laptop bag and a duffle bag. I love all the colors and designs! Thanks kradams54@hotmail.com

  133. Great Bags! I’d love one 🙂

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. I would love the iPad case and a lunch tote and an I phone cover and……………


  136. LOVE this and the prices are AMAZING! I would go crazy at this site if I won the gift certificate!!!

  137. Ooooooooooo, I love the bags.


  138. Just checked out the site and HOLY CATS that’s some cool stuff. I think I would need at least 3 of the Hold Everything totes for laundry, toys, crafts etc! And some of the storage boxes too!!!

  139. How fun! I could always use another bag. 🙂


  140. kmsoso11@yahoo.com I’ve just started working on my PhD and the file carrier and laptop covers would definitely help brighten up my office and dull days of studying!!
    P.S. A group in my community used a company like this (probably this one) and did a fundraiser for a 4 year-old girl diagnosed with Leukemia, it was a great, easy to manage fundraiser for her family.

  141. I love these bags! And pretty much everything about your whole blog…so much inspiration.


  142. I follow your blog, and I love these bags!


  143. Love the fold and holds…. and everything else!!!


  144. I just visited the site. I would definitely get the red poppy beg – so cute! And the prices are so great I would get something in blue daisy…and something circles…and black zebra….and pansy…and red plaid…and definitely groovy flower and paisley. It would take me forever to decide, so I’d have to buy one of each.


  145. How fun is this!? Great product!

  146. It’s my bday next week. It would be a great present.

  147. I love the Black Swirl

  148. I like the large tote in damask, as well as the pink leopard and the blue/brown flower. I also like the red poppy in medium and red croc in tall! The black swirl in hipster is super cute and the damask cosmetic bags are perfect! I’d have a hard time picking!

  149. I really like the Aqua Paisley
    iPhone Cover. Thanks, Amy

  150. I really like the Aqua Paisley
    iPhone Cover. Thanks, Amy

  151. I follow your blog. Thanks for sharing. Amy

  152. What a great giveaway. I’m going to check out the bags now and I’ll be back shortly with my second comment!

  153. They are all so great but the red poppies medium tote looks like it is made for me!

  154. Hi – these bags look beautiful!

  155. If I win, I’d start shopping by getting the insulated Damask cooler to take my lunch in at the greenhouse.

  156. oh my gosh – what great patterns to mix and match!

  157. I’m getting an iphone soon and would love one of the cases. I can’t decide between the paisley and black daisies!
    The duffle bags are great, too.

  158. Oooh. I love bags. These look fab!

  159. So MANY to choose from!

  160. So many things I’d love to have there, but I especially love the foldable storage boxes so I’m sure that’s what I’d buy first.

  161. It’s all very nice bags, beautiful colors and shapes. It is sure to appeal to all women. Holding such a bag makes you feel very special!!!

  162. Awesome! I really need some sort of storage for my sewing table, and I think these would work just right!

  163. I just checked them out, and their fold and holds should work just right. 🙂 mallorywatkins@gmail.com

  164. So pretty!

  165. Love your blog and read all posts 🙂
    Have a nice day!


  166. Wow! So many awsome bags, hard to choose one….! But my favorite must be Medium Tote (Damask)

    Love from Norway

  167. they look great!

  168. Yay! I love giveaways 😀
    glworks @ hotmail dot com

  169. would love one of the bags!

  170. ok what I would buy with my $50..
    tall totes love them and… the hipster for hands free shopping, and….lg zip tote bag for my carry on when I fly to the states to visit my 11 grand children!!

  171. Great looking bags!

    eesuiter (at) hotmail (d0t) c0m

  172. Great giveaway, thanks!
    ljyoung85 at gmail.com

  173. I could really use some new grocery bags. I like the black and grey stripes and the Damask patterns.
    ljyoung85 at gmail.com

  174. I would love one of those over sized bags. would be perfect for Costco 🙂

  175. I would totally get the “foodies” in blue paisley and the blue leopard lunch bag!

  176. These are adorable…love those bags you have posted!


  177. Really cute bags! Definitely need to check out the website!

  178. I visited the site and I would definitely start with one of the IPad cases…so cool!


  179. YAY! I love this!

  180. ooo… i think i’ll get a couple of “fold and hold” bags!

  181. I’m in!

  182. What a great giveaway! A girl can never have too many bags! 🙂 nicolecunningham02 at gmail dot com

  183. Went to the site and LOVE the medium tote red poppy!!! nicole cunningham02 at gmail dot com

  184. My lunchbag just ripped so this is perfect timing!


  185. What an awesome giveaway 🙂 I love bags anyway, but these prints are to die for!

  186. I would be the most fashionable BAG LADY ever with one of these!

  187. I’d love to get a damask lunchtote along with some of those adorable foodies 🙂


  188. LOVE this give-away, thanks! Also, love your blog for ages now, keep up the good work 🙂

  189. Looking at the items, I’d pick a small fold n hold in Damask and a classic leopard hipster!

  190. Better After is my wind down at the end of the day. I am a high school teacher and the sophomore class sponsor. We are looking for a fundraiser maybe these totes are just the ticket!

  191. Oh my goodness, these look so awesome! lanipackard@gmail.com

  192. The foodies! Lunch totes! & Grocery Tote! My husband and I are both teachers and so we pack snacks and sandwiches and he being a science teacher we are looking to go Green all the way- Including baggies! Camo for him, Paisley for me.

  193. I really love the medium fashion totes and the tall totes. The pencil holders are awesome, too!

  194. I could use some new bags!! Hopefully I win:)

  195. Would love to try out some of these bags. I have heard they are awesome!

  196. Hard to choose…..but I think I would get a few lunch bags and then some of the grocery bags….so much fun!

  197. Went to the site and I would totally go with one of the huge bags! And my girls would love the Peace, Love Totes.

  198. Would love these bags!
    artsyfish65 at yahoo dot com

  199. OMG!!!

    Try insulated bags, laptop case and storage bags. Can’t wait!

    artsyfish65 at yahoo dot com

  200. Containers and bags are my addiction… Next to Better After, of course. 🙂


  201. I’m so glad a friend showed me your blog a few months ago, I really enjoy it! And I’m loving your CakeWrecks guest posts.

  202. These bags are really fashionable! It makes me think I need a new lunch bag…my current one is serviceable, but ugly! (By the way, my husband was peering over my shoulder as I was reading this post and asked, “Hey, where are the makeovers!”-a secret fan of your site, he won’t go here on his own, but likes to look over my shoulder when I do! lol)

  203. I looove these bags! they’re so fun!

  204. I want one of these!

  205. I would pick the “blue brown flower hold everything” tote. It is sooo pretty!

  206. Would love to win! monteandkim@hotmail.com

  207. This comment has been removed by the author.

  208. I love these bags and your blog! thanks for the great giveaway. My email is jenniferdube3@hotmail.com

  209. I want to win!!!

  210. and I’d totally spend it on the insulated bags… or the fold up storage 😉

  211. Those are so cute!!!!

  212. Love your blog and love those bags!

  213. ha! my son just came home school with their catalog for his school’s latest fundraising project! they’ve got great prices and i want everything leopard print! the large totes have great potential for diaper bags

  214. Great patterns and colors!! Love them! Let the Christmas shopping begin!

  215. I would love one of these bags.

    E-mail ginmae85@yahoo.com

  216. This is a great giveaway and I’ll be giving the fundraising info to my PTA fundraising chair to boot!

  217. Well, after visiting the website I can see that $50 will go pretty dang far! I’d love some of the insulated bags and the ones for the “big box” stores. I never know what to do with the cardboard boxes I usually get from there.

  218. I love the easy to clean bags!

  219. This comment has been removed by the author.

  220. I love your blog, what a great giveaway!

    mhosket at gmail dot com

  221. I love bags more than life itself! LOL. Would love to win!

  222. I love bags, but I always need more 🙂
    jtedst at yahoo dot com

  223. I went to the site and would definitely get an iphone case, I like the red daisy and the black swirl

    mhosket at gmail dot com

  224. I want to win! You can’t have too many bags!


  225. These are adorable, and so useful!

  226. I can see so many things I’d like to use the $50 on. I’m loving the: Hold Everything, the Grocery Store Bags, and the Travel Totes!


  227. I would get 2 of the large fold and holds (Aqua Paisley) to hold all of my piano books. Just the right size!

  228. I totally want the Damask Fold and Hold for all of my extra crochet yarn but also a white board for my kitchen and a laptop case. Too many wonderful things to choose from!!

  229. The black & white damask caught my eye, too—but it would be hard to choose. (I’d welcome the challenge!)

  230. What a great giveaway! Hope I win something! 🙂

  231. Love these bags! So cute!! sandyswhite AT gmail DOT com

  232. I checked out their site, and decided that if I win, I’ll be buying fold-n-holds–and using them to beautifully organize my walk-in closet!

  233. I would get the Black Daisy duffle bag, a Painted Flower
    Medium Tote, and a USA lunch sack. sandyswhite AT gmail DOT com.

  234. sweet! When I found your blog I was super excited… I have a few “befores” in my basement that my husband is excited about becoming “afters”. Bless his heart he supports me in my myriad of projects.

  235. oh and my email, ha.

  236. Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!
    arparker at nc dot rr dot com

  237. If I won (and I hope I do!) I would get a fold and hold and an insultated grocery bag. Love!

  238. would love to win! thanks for the opportunity.

  239. hard to choose, but I’d like a large shopping tote and possibly a garment bag.

  240. love it! I need one so that greasy toddler hands won’t dirty up my purse :). Kyra.brighamcook@gmail.com

  241. I love mixed bags!! I think they’re adorable.

    amanda.byrne (at) gmail.com

  242. I always drop by this site looking for inspiration and now there’s a giveaway?! That’s pretty darn inspiring.

  243. Why are all the cool bags so far away!
    Gorgeous bags, fab giveaway and a brilliant blog!

  244. First. O….M….G. Those bags are gooooorgeous. and second. Not fair! How are we supposed to choose items when there are so many lovely ones?
    The Blur/brown fabric has got to be my favourite but as for the products, let me see, the Totes are to die for, the stationary is gorgeous (and I doubt available in the UK) and there’s even laptop covers…
    I’ve bookmarked the site lol and am going to leave it open for hubby to have a look as I doubt this giveaway is open to UKers?
    Had to pop back and mention the borgeousness of the bags though and just let you know I’m amazingly jealous of the future winner.

  245. Bookmarked the MB site, will definately be buying some bags gift-card or no! I love the Damask box store bag, which would be great for holiday shoping. The skull print medium bag is adorable and the blue/brown flower large zip tote would be great for weekend trips!!

  246. I want the storage boxes soooo bad!

  247. love the storage boxes.

  248. These are awesome!

  249. I love these bags! So fun and cute! 🙂

  250. Love the bags, would love to be entered! Jessica

  251. Just looked at their site– I’m thinking, what with our frequent beach trips, that I can no longer live without one if their large totes. Add to that my need to replace most of my grocery bags, since mine are now 4 years old, and I think I could use up that $50 pretty well!

  252. these are great!

  253. I visited the store site, and I really love the large zippered tote in the aqua paisley. I also think their boys iphone covers are cool, would love to get my little boy the skull one!

  254. What a great giveaway! I love the variety of bags they make – something for everyone!

  255. I think I’d get the Groovy Flower duffle for my daughter, and a matching insulated bag for me!

  256. I. Love. Bag.
    Of course I subscribe to this blog– it’s my fave!

  257. These look like such fun bags! Getting a fabulous tote is like winning the best grab bag ever 🙂

  258. okay after spending lots of time… I’ve decided that if I win I would get an Ipad case in Red Daisy and a Duffel and Weedender Zip Tote in Blossom! Ohhhh that would be a great way to end a crummy week 🙂

  259. So fun – I love this kind of stuff organizing and cute all in one!

  260. they have the most amazing bags

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  261. Useful and cute!

  262. I love cute, colorful patterns. 🙂

  263. Useful and cute!

  264. I like their Halloween witch tote, but I’d use it year-round! Also, I could really use the Weekender Zip Tote in zebra print.

  265. Bags are my favorite! Perfect giveaway! briannamurf@gmail.com

  266. I would love a hipster, medium tote probably the pink zebra, and one of those duffles. Love love.

  267. I loved all the bags!!!

  268. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome give-away!!

  269. Would love a tall tote, hipster and lunch tote. Really love the zebra and damask print!

  270. OHHH I so want to win this! Great looking stuff and in dire need of the storage ones!

    tiffany sexton


  271. I would spend my 50 on the fold in store large in the damask- so neat and pretty!!

    tiffany sexton


  272. Fingers crossed, I already have a wish list in mind!

    shel704 at aol dot com

  273. I am getting at least two of the Aqua Paisley Large Fold n Holds for my shelf in my craft room…they’re perfect and I adore the blue paisley.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  274. I went back to school this year, at 42 with 2 kids of my own, to teach special needs children. These fun colors would be terrific in my new classroom! I love them and your blog!!

  275. Great giveaway! Love your blog!
    bbuchholtz at wi dot rr dot com

  276. Love the bags! I already use reusable bags, but they are definitely not this nice. Would love to win a gift certificate.

  277. This comment has been removed by the author.

  278. This comment has been removed by the author.

  279. This comment has been removed by the author.

  280. Great bags! Hope I win!


  281. I think I’d have to get a lunch sack! Thanks again!


  282. Love the bags! Hope I win!


  283. I love totes… and this page’s a dream come true!!!

  284. I’d have to go with a Duffel bag and a laptop bag. Thanks again!


  285. Just visited the site and discovered that I already purchased two the the Mixed Bag bags from a little neighbor girl (school fund raiser). I have the Red Daisy Insulated Lunch Bag and the Black Daisy Large Zip Tote. If I win, I’ll probably purchase some Foodies and grocery bags.

  286. Well, to spend 50, I first will find a nice pattern. I think… “circles”. And I’ll choose the zip tote, foodies, zip pouch and clip its…. Lovely set!

  287. Ooo! Ooo! It seems like I am always in need of a tote bag! These designs are so cute!

    freckle40 at hotmail dot com

  288. I absolutely LOVE bags! I could definitely use a new “teacher bag” to carry my stuff to school.


  289. So much to choose from! I would love the Black Swirl Large Zip Tote, the Pink/Silver Zebra Medium Tote, and the Aqua Paisley Case Mates. 🙂


  290. Um, yes, I need one. Thank you.

  291. Love seeing your post arrive in my inbox! Thanks for all the before and after inspiration!
    These bags are great! Fun patterns!

  292. Gotta have ’em – thanks, Lindsay!

  293. I could use something cute for a diaper bag for the upcoming baby!

  294. Got an out-of-town wedding; looks like a garment bag, week-end zip, and maybe a medium tote. Gorgeous patterns…

  295. Soooo cute!!!

  296. thanks for the chance to win!

  297. so fun!! would love a new bag:)

  298. Checked out the site and want everything in the damask pattern!!!

  299. Hi! I am a follower thru GFC !!!

  300. I would love to win so I could get those fold up storage boxes! I need those so badly!

  301. Follow your blog.

  302. The Pink/Silver Zebra Medium Tote.

  303. Love these bags!

  304. What a great giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  305. This comment has been removed by the author.

  306. I would choose some laundry totes–super cute for the kids room and mine too!

  307. So excited about this and absolutly love you blog!!

  308. Oh my, where do I begin….
    Duffle bags, garment bags, totes, cosmetic bags, dry erase boards. Love, Love, Love

  309. These are suwheet! Thanks for the chance!

  310. I’m sort of irrationally in love with the red plaid weekender and duffle.

  311. This looks like a great giveaway, love those bags!

  312. I love the sandwich baggies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  313. I would love to be included in this giveaway–it’s awesome!

  314. Hmmm, for $50 I would go for the Blue/Brown Flower Hold Everything bag, Damask Cosmetic bags and the Black Daisy duffel. That should be enough to get us through an overnight trip with a toddler 🙂

  315. I love the Peace and Love collection.

  316. I am addicted to bags….and better afters!!

  317. Went to their site and would totally love one of the large zippered totes.

  318. Love this giveaway, hope I win!


  319. Great giveaway, I could use a few of these bags!

  320. I love the colors and patterns on these bags! I could really use a couple of those larger shopper bags!

  321. Oh boy, a few of those grocery store bags, and a pair of cosmetic bags would be awesome, organize my makeup habit, ad rid me of pesky plastic bags in one fell swoop! Excellent!

  322. Love your blog! Thanks for giveaway!

  323. I love the bags and I love your site!

  324. Oh my gosh, I love them! There are def too many to choose from. They are gorgeous!

  325. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I would like to enter. 🙂


  326. I would LOVE to get a damask cooler. So cute and I need a cooler.

  327. yes, I’d love to win!

  328. Hi! I’d love to win!

  329. If by luck, I won, I would want to get this Striped Art Portfolios, because I am an artist, and I don’t have any to hold my pastel artworks, and I would def want Damask Hold Everything bag, because of course, we need a bag to hold everything. 😉 And the rest would be a gift to my wife.


    psssst, i hope i win. 😉

  330. Those are the greatest bags ever! I love the patterns and styles.

  331. Love these! I would like to get one for my daughter to use as a camera bag!!

  332. Looks like there’s lots of fun designs! So cute!

  333. These are awesome!

    dawn.z.69 at gmail.com

  334. Hope I win!

  335. Just went by the site, love the laptop bag! Would go perfect with that laptop I asked for for Christmas… 😉

  336. Fabulous giveaway. Fingers crossed! mariafonnes{at}yahoo{dot}com

  337. I’d love one!

    melissa_morrisATlive . com

  338. Wow! They have a lot more stuff than I realized. I would probably choose some travel bags or stationary stuff. Fashion totes are always good too… hard to choose!

  339. My daughter tuned me into you. Love to follow your blog.

  340. Love your blog & the totes are adorable.

  341. I want the Red Daisy medium bag real bad!!!

  342. Here’s my entry! Lin171@gmail.com

    Great giveaway, I love the bags. Especially because I like to use re-usable bags as opposed to using plastic grocery bags.

  343. omg they have laptop cases… If I won I’d use the $50 for a laptop case, and insulated bag.


  344. Love your blog! These bags are awesome! I have 2 boys under 3 and I can only imagine the things one of these bags would hold!!

  345. What a fun give away! Something every girl could use.

  346. This comment has been removed by the author.

  347. LOVE IT! PICK ME!

  348. I checked out the website, and I love anything in the Aqua Paisley! I also LOVE the Hold Everything tote in the brown and blue floral pattern.

    goosegaloshes (at) gmail (dot) com

  349. Ohhh.. I am a bag FIEND! I love love love these!!!!!


  350. Comment! Contact is laumeux@gmail.com .

  351. Oh, and I would get the Skills lunch sack for my son, a set of Camo Foodies, and an aqua paisley large zip tote! TOOOOOOO cute!

  352. I hope that I win the gift card. I went to the website and loved a lot of things. bmeek42@hotmail.com

  353. I would definitely get a insulated grocery bag probably in the damask or blue/silver zebra!! Because I am addicted to ice cream and I always find myself buying a carton or two when I go to the store. I would love a cooler too so that I could take my baby’s milk with me and not worry about it spoiling. The laptop covers are awesome. Love the damask (seems to be my favorite), the zebra and the blue provence patterns. They are just so cute and stylish.

  354. Oooh, I would love to win this!

  355. Love them! I went to the site and I could really use some of the cosmetic bags!

  356. Oops… I guess I needed to leave a second comment for which bag I’d buy… definitely those cute cosmetic bags!

  357. What a Great Giveaway!!! so many items & color choices to choose from!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!

  358. I’m in the middle of organizing my office/craft room!! The Foldable Storage Containers are just the thing I need to get it finished!!! Thanks again for a chance to win!!!

  359. I think I’m a ‘bag’ addict, or so my boyfriend would say. BUT these are so much nicer than the ones that I have 🙂 Winning would absolutely make my year!!!

  360. I’d love to win! I am on your blog pretty much weekly! 😛


  361. I follow your blog and love it!

  362. I love the blue and brown flower grocery bag, and those fold and holds look perfect for my office!

  363. I’ve been on a mission to get super organized, and this would come in pretty handy.

  364. Oooo especially love the lunch box totes! Those would come in handy for sure!

  365. What an awesome giveaway! Sign me up!

  366. After visiting the site id say the lunch box totes are the way to go for me! Thanks!

  367. Me! Me! Pick me! Ahomer55@msn.com

  368. So cute!

  369. I’m 6 months pregant and looking for a great diaper bag, after looking through the mixed bag site I think the department store bag just might be perfect! Hope I win! Ahomer55@ msn.com

  370. WOW! I love the Red Plaid Grocery Store Bag – great idea – very handy to have!
    connors26 at att.net

  371. If I win I could pick out a garment bag and a couple of dry erase boards or the storage boxes…so much to pick from!

  372. I would buy foodies bags for my three kids and an insulated bag. The prints are all great!

  373. Those bags are so cute!I would totally get the black swirl hipster bag, so cute! And perfect to take with on vacation. It would be so hard to choose though everything looks so fun and practical!

  374. How nice of them to offer this giveaway and of you to pass it along to us. Can’t wait to check out the offerings.

  375. Awesome giveaway! I will be snagging a new iphone cover regardless of winning and checking out those fordable storage boxes for my crafting stuff. No more grocery bags!
    (jackie dot mayville at gmail dot com.)

  376. Awesome giveaway! I hope I win 🙂
    jackie dot mayville at gmail dot com

  377. I would have to a grocery store bag or twos, a set of cosmetic bags, and maybe a zippered tote. Love that purple and green floral.

  378. I’m needing a tote bag for my books, and these are adorable!

  379. Ooh…the black daisy Large Zip Tote or the Damask large zipe tote…..These are too cute! How can anyone decide on just one?

  380. Oh, hmm… I think I would pick a cute cooler because I take my lunch to work with me each day.

  381. awesome – thanks!
    spehcialk at aol dot com

  382. I like the 22″ zip totes
    spehcialk at aol dot com

  383. I love your blog! I would love to win a gift certificate since bags are my “thing!” Here’s hoping for some lucky!
    Paula 🙂

  384. Thanks for the chance! They offer such an amazing selection!


  385. If I won – I’d love to get the English Stripe laptop case 🙂


  386. I want to win! Sooo Cute!

  387. I love the black swirl hipster, the department store tote in a undecided pattern since there are so many great ones, and the striped lunch tote would come in handy! Thank you for the opportunity!
    Paula 🙂

  388. Fun bags! I follow via RSS feed.

  389. Wahoo!

  390. I’d definitely buy a bag that I can use for work, travel, church, and everything else!

  391. I follow your blog! And this is an fantastic giveaway!

  392. This comment has been removed by the author.

  393. I have been a huge fan of your blog since your amazing make over of an old entertainment center in to the “Lil’ Kitchen”!!! Back then 2009 – I had 4 grandsons only! My thought was to make a workshop for them…..now I have 2 granddaughters (still young) but I know I’ll be looking for the right entertainment furniture. I’ll probably still have to do a workshop for the boys. Grammy’s place will be the place to play!!

  394. Oops that Polka-dotted lady is me. reebeck10@juno.com

  395. The Foldable Storage Containers would be awesome….love the weekender bag…love all the products!

  396. Love your blog. Have never tried to enter before but this product look like something I want to take the big step for. ha Thanks!!

  397. Love your blog. Have never tried to enter before but this product look like something I want to take the big step for. ha Thanks!!

  398. Love your blog. Have never tried to enter before but this product look like something I want to take the big step for. ha Thanks!!

  399. Great company – seem like really good prices.

  400. I checked the website and would start with an insulated cooler, a couple of foodies and a fold n hold in black damask!

  401. What a great giveaway. Thanks! ladykyria at gmail dot com

  402. I think I’d have to get a set of the cosmetic bags, an insulated bag, and then maybe also the Fold n Hold. Tough choice!
    ladykyria at gmail dot com

  403. I would love to win this! Such cute patterns! heidimaranell at gmail dot com

  404. Oooo, I love these bags! I travel a ton so I would love the travel totes.

  405. Ooh, I love a cute bag!

  406. This comment has been removed by the author.

  407. Oh – I checked out the site, it would be so hard to choose! But I’m in love with the Aqua Paisley line!

  408. These are great looking… I would totally get a duffle or medium tote bag… though I love the department store bags as well… It would be great to have some around that won’t tear or fall apart!

  409. Sign me up please!!!

  410. Ooo I so need some cute boxes to organize, I love the ones that fold down so you can store them when not using them! And Paisley… yes please!

  411. I LOVE all of the mixed bag designs!

  412. I would spend my 50$ gift certificate on a lunch tote and a duffle bag! If i had any left, I would love to also have one of the coolers! I would love to win!

  413. These are adorable. Great giveaway!

    shannon.conlon at gmail dot com

  414. Love to see all the cool transformations, thanks for all your effort and humor 🙂

  415. I would probably get a medium shopper tote, I have a 2 year old and a 10 year old with special needs, so I have to carry a lot around and would love to have a pretty bag to do it all!

  416. Awesome! These bags look great!

  417. These bags are so cute!

  418. I totally want TB104 Classic Leopard Big Travel Bag. It looks great!

  419. Very colorful product line. I like the quality of the bags.

  420. OK, just checked out the inventory and would definitely purchase a couple of the insulated grocery bags along with the regular bags. Girl’s gotta shop in style and make sure the produce gets to the car in one piece!

  421. Those are AWESOME!! A good reason to look forward to Monday! 😉

  422. Sweet!
    lawlorlawlor at gmail dot com

  423. I like the mixed bags…I think they would work great as a swimming bag or beach bag, plus if I need something spare of the momemt to carry my son in…j/k. I would love the money to get one of their bags.

  424. the garment bag is so cute! love your blog…mymaria79athotmaildotcom

  425. Such an awesome giveaway! You can contact me out cdswimmer@hotmail.com

  426. This comment has been removed by the author.

  427. If I won, I would probably buy a lunch tote and a couple of fold and hold containers. So cute! You can contact me at cdswimmer@hotmail.com

  428. Wow. I want one of these bags. Plus I have been looking for something to jazz up my office space.

  429. If I won I would get some file boxes for sure.

  430. Would love a new bag! Thanks!

  431. love the patterns! miranda80@aol.com

  432. I would go for the insulated bags

  433. I would go for the insulated bags

  434. Hi! I am a silent follower of your fun and totally entertaining/inspiring blog!I like u a lot, you’d become a morning obsession haha. I would like to win this giveaway! Totally! =)

  435. Hi! I would like to win everything with the damask design! From the weekender bag /toddler bag 🙂 to the insulated totes. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  436. I LOVE these bags!!! They are so adorable and sturdy! Pick me!!!

  437. I love the great big one to put toys etc in. I also love the zippered ones and the medium and small tote. Great giveaway!!!

  438. I purchased one of those bags from a child selling them for his school and I love it. I would also love to have another smaller one!

  439. I have one of these and just love it. I want a smaller one now.

  440. OMG, I love those folding boxes!!! I love your blog btw, I’ve been addicted for weeks (ask my hubby) and have been slowly making my way backwards veiwing all your posts, lol.

  441. If I were to win, I’d totally spend them on the black and white Damask fold and hold storage boxes! I’m in love!!!

  442. I love your blog,it makes me want to paint something.

  443. Gosh so many great bags, I want them all!

  444. I’d love to be a winner. Your blog is a winner. LOVE IT!

  445. This comment has been removed by the author.

  446. Would LOVE the insulated bag…and really any of them!

  447. Would love an insulated bag or the pansy medium tote!

  448. I follow your blog and I would love to win one of these stylish bags! Thanks!

  449. This comment has been removed by the author.

  450. I need a good strong bag to carry all of my family’s stuff around in. Why is it the second I became a wife and mother, I also became the carry-all?


  451. I would be absolutely thrilled to be a winner!!! This is something that would be a tremendous help to organize my child-filled home!



  452. Love these bags and your blog!!!

  453. I would especially love the insulated bags in black and white damask!!!

  454. I’ve become addicted to your blog and owe you a thanks for inspiring me to get my creative on!

  455. Love this and your blog! So glad I ran across you!

  456. I follow your blog! great giveaway!

  457. I would spend 50 on the fold and stow totes!! http://www.livingwithporteous.blogspot.com

  458. I wold definitely buy at least 2 paper trays, most likely the damask and the aqua paisley trays. That would leave me enough to get a camo lunch tote, a race car lunch tote, and an aqua paisley lunch bag. The stuff is all amazing and I’d buy everything if I could. 🙂


  459. count me in for the giveaway- my odds on almost 400 comments- not too likely!!

  460. I’ve got a new grandbaby so I have lots of stuff to tote. thanks for a fun giveaway


  461. Oh, goodness, how I love bags and storage stuff. And here are the perfect ones…

  462. These are awesome!

    I hope I win!

    lrichar3 at gmail

  463. I would love to win one of these bags!

    Kelli at jenkins24153 at gmail dot com.

  464. I would totally get one of the cutesy foldable boxes! I am about to have a baby and need all of the organization I can get!

    Kelli at jenkins24153 at gmail dot com.

  465. Bags are so fun! Would love to win.

  466. You have the best taste , and giveaways! So many great ideas- so little time !

  467. Nifty! I’ve never heard of these before. Might have to do some investigatin’. 🙂

    yarnista at ymail dot com

  468. This is great! Sign me up!

  469. Those bags are great! I’d love to win.



  470. Love these. I’m sure I could find the perfect Christmas gift for my college girl!

  471. Love the bags – am looking for a good fall tote, so will check out the website as soon as I finish looking at yours!

  472. love those bags…maybe i could use one as a diaper bag 🙂

    kristendegraaf (at) gmail (dot) com

  473. MT100 Damask
    Medium Tote
    that’s what i would use my $50 certificate on 🙂

    kristendegraaf (at) gmail (dot) com

  474. I love your blog! Every morning with my coffee. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  475. /want

  476. Great bags! Love the colors and patterns.


  477. Wow! I can’t believe the prices on these bags!! With $50 I’m looking at a duffle bag, weekender bag, comestic cases and a hipster. With money left over, probably!


  478. Hi, I would definitely buy the blue and brown insulated grocery bag. Also the blossom weekender zipper tote.

  479. I have never heard of these bags. LOVE them!!!!

  480. I really like the hold everything and the file bags.

  481. I already ordered a couple. Thanks!

  482. First entry- headed to their website

  483. we do a lot of traveling and I always pack food, so probably the insulated tote. Handy and cute!

  484. Gosh, I hope it’s not too late to enter. I’d LOVE to order some things from MixedBags -$50 for free! I just placed an order through a friend’s daughters cheer squad fundraiser. But I only had a $30 budget. Can’t wait to get my order.

  485. These are so cute!

  486. So many things to choose from but I would love the lunch sacks (four kids with four very distinct styles – I think I could find something for each of them)! Or, I might just go with something adorable for me :-)!

  487. Those bags are so cute!! I love the LLBean bags but I wish they came in cuter designs–looks like these will solve my cuteness issue!!

  488. Love the prices of these bags!! I can’t choose between the Damask, black/pink plaid, and the pink leopard! At this price I can get them all without breaking the bank!

  489. Awesome giveway… These bags are too cute!!

  490. Hey – thanks for this blog. I have you in my reader and visit almost every day! I’d love to be entered in the contest! You can reach me through my glass blog at hogtalismans.blogspot.com. 🙂

  491. And if I won I would pick a variety of smaller bags (like the Drugstore Shopper) for stocking stuffers for my family. 🙂 I love the black polka dot and red croc styles!

  492. I’m loving the weekender zip tote, the duffle bag & lunch bag… Pretty sure that’s how I would spend my $50 if I win (although I might have to browse for a while just to be sure… [: )

  493. What a great giveaway. Something for everyone!

  494. i hope it’s not too late to enter. contact info: gooberdiva13@gmail.com

  495. another entry from me…i’d spend the $50 easily on one of the cute medium sized totes: http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com/Fall-2011/Medium-Totes_9
    can’t have enough totes!
    contact info: gooberdiva13@gmail.com

  496. So cute!

  497. Awesome bags!

  498. I think I’d either buy the fold up totes, or some lunch bags. They’re all so cute!

  499. yep, totally love these bags. not that i have a reusable bag addiction, or anything…

  500. So many things to organize and so many beautiful ways to do so! Thanks!

  501. Wouldn’t be too hard to find too many things I’d like to have!! Fun!

  502. Definitely Fold n’ Holds! Boy, do I have STUFF! 😎

  503. wow you have had allot of feedback for this giveaway, i love the bags they are so colourful, xxxx

  504. great giveaway! great blog! thanks!

  505. Cute blog and cute bags.

  506. Love the bags mrsbeccasjones@gmail.com

  507. okay, so THAT was a tough choice….. i think i’ll have to say the large travel tote though– looks perfect for carrying costumes in!

  508. Love your blog and wold love to win!

  509. Love your blog and would love to win!

  510. Love the large leopard zip tote. mrsbeccasjones@gmail.com

  511. About to redo my home office and could sure use some fold and holds!

  512. I need a bag to go with my baggy pants.

  513. I get so excited to check you blog everyday and I love these bags. jothurber@msn.com

  514. Love your blog!!! And the bags too!

  515. Love these! I’ll definitely be going to the website to find out how I’d spend my $50!

  516. Hi 🙂
    These are so neat! I just love all the different designs and how clean and versatile they look! I would love to use one of these as a diaper bag for my sweet 5 month old baby boy 🙂

    Nichole Smith

  517. Oh wow, those bags look awesome! Definitely something that would come in handy.

  518. Definitely think that a couple duffle bags are in order! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  519. Oh I just love the Black Daisy Large Zip Tote! It is so cute and would work wonderfully as a diaper bag for my sweet 5 1/2 month old baby boy!!

    I love your blog by the way 🙂

  520. Great giveaway!

  521. Sweet giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter 🙂

  522. I’m sure it won’t happen but I would love to win one of these cute bags!

  523. I love your blog! And the bags, too!

  524. Love your blog!!

  525. This comment has been removed by the author.

  526. I love those bags!!!!

  527. I’m a complete bag freak! Would love one!

  528. Thanks for the chance; great giveaway! Love the file tote.

  529. oooo…The leopard print iPhone cover and the large tote and still have $$ left over!! fwmld88@gmail.com

  530. I follow your blog and LOVE it! Lots of great ideas for my own home!
    carmen dot both at hotmail dot com.

  531. I am a bag collector/hoarder but these are new to me. I love the different patterns they have.

    aashellparty at aol dot com

  532. Would love one of these bags for hauling my kiddo’s stuff! Love your blog, too. I always see so much that inspires me!

  533. If I won I’d get Damask Insulated Grocery Store Bag and Large Fold n Hold box.

  534. I love bags!! Making them is fun, but winning one is way better!

  535. I’ve been a follower@ Cute bags! Love the designs

  536. Those bags are great – and affordable too!
    steph0828 at hotmail . com

  537. those are so cute! Thank you for the giveaway.

  538. Love your blog!

  539. I wanna win!

  540. The damask garment bag would be perfect for my daughter’s dance costumes!

  541. I visited the website. I need a new beach bag, but then maybe a church bag. Who knows!

  542. Super cute! This would come in very handy for Hanumas (Hanukkah + Christmas in my household)!

  543. love them. great giveaway!

  544. These bags are all awesome! Please enter me 🙂 I would get the hipster bag, and the duffle bag! Those would be perfect for an upcoming vacation. 🙂 PS I love your blog its awesome!

  545. Love your blog!

  546. CUTE bags!! Too many to pick a favorite. I love your blog, too. Gives me so many great ideas.

  547. Hi! I’d love the tote!
    They are really neat, and look easy to keep clean!

  548. I have a baby on the way in December, so I’d get a large tote or two to make a diaper bag. And, so my husband is happy, I’d get him a garment bag so he doesn’t have to carry his suit in the rain. 🙂

  549. Love these bags and i love your blog to bits!

  550. I can never have too many beautiful bags! (Although my husband may disagree…)
    Love your blog! xx

  551. I follow your blog every day and would love one of these awesome bags!

  552. Love reading this blog!

  553. This is SUPER! If I win, I’ll fill it with goodies and donate my bag to our local battered women’s shelter. Someone would be SO happy to receive this gift!

  554. Would have to get the damask cosmetic tote and then probably just one of their great weekender totes. Too much to choose from!

  555. I have visited the Mixed Bag site and am in love with the black and white Damask design also the blue/brown flower design, I think I would definitely have to get a bag with each design!

  556. Oh dear. Seems like I may have missed the bus here… But in case it’s not still too late to enter, I’m gonna go ahead and comment. I’m such a rare woman who loves bags…. My husband thinks I’m a crazy bag hoarder… But I just can’t throw away cute bags! Thanks for introducing me to this cute line!

  557. momma really does need a new bag!
    So cute. please enter my name in the drawing

  558. Love the bags and your blog!

  559. I’d def use my winnings to buy a lunch tote. I’m sick of using my son’s dirty bag and the plastic grocery bag just doesn’t work for me! Something really fun and girly would be on my list.

  560. I love your blog. I read it every single day and have been inspired to paint all the furniture in my daughter’s bedroom. It took a bit of time but it looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before shot. 🙁

  561. I follow your blog and love this giveaway!!
    o0fefe0o at hotmail dot com

  562. I follow your blog and love this giveaway!!
    o0fefe0o at hotmail dot com

  563. I would buy some shopping bags in the black/white damask print.

  564. I would love to get some of these bags. Love the patterns.

  565. I would get some grocery bags or lunch totes!

  566. Love these! $50 would go a long way. (aafeeney@gmail.com)

  567. $50 – I would start with the blue and brown flower large zip tote…and maybe finish it off with the painted flower medium tote. So many bags, so little time. (aafeeney@gmail.com)

  568. great giveaway!! Who wouldn’t want one of these funky bags??!!

  569. Love the bags!


  570. Love your blog. It is one of my daily “must-reads.” I would love to win and I would first get the leopard print ipad cover and an insulated lunch bag for my daughter! not sure what else…. so much to choose from.

  571. I follow your blog & LOVE it! I’d love to win this giveaway!

  572. Checked out the site, awesome stuff & great prices!
    I think I’d have to get one of those HUGE totes… maybe one of the weekender bags… oh, or maybe the art portfolio for the kids art stuff… or…. I could go on 🙂


  573. Love those bags!! Sheryl knittingdog@rocketmail.com

  574. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 I’d love to win these beauties! gretchen 333 at g mail dot com

  575. I love EVERYTHING I saw on their website! I’d LOVE to win a gift certificate!

  576. I follow your blog…and I could really use a diaper bag for baby number 2 that is on the way! 🙂


  577. Love your Blog!! <3 What a great giveaway!

  578. Absolutely love the storage boxes! I just moved into a new place and i would spend $50 on the storage boxes! SOOO CUTE!!!

  579. Would love to win!

  580. If I won I’d get the Hold Everything Bag and some of the Insulated Bags. Thanks!


  581. Great giveaway! These are cute bags!

  582. Visited their website and now I’m really thinking I could really use a zip tote. It could be a perfect diaper bag/purse all in one…and heaven knows you gotta have a cute diaper bag!

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