High Brow

I have a very similar wall like this in my house: three square windows, super duper beige, and not a speck of trim to be found. I should really do something about that. I hate windows without trim, it’s like an eye without an eyebrow.  But why stop at the eyebrows when you can makeover the entire face, or er, wall?  That’s what Lindsay’s husband Drew did to this bedroom wall, hand staining each plank to create some serious visual interest.  I call this style Urban Rustic, which I just made up.  Oh wait, Google just told me that Urban Rustic is already the name of a smoothie shop in Brooklyn.  Sigh.  See more on their blog Lindsay and Drew.

PS: tufted houndstooth headboard, will you go out with me?

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. One of my fave wall makeovers ever!

  2. Thank you for the feature! It’s fun to be back up, and get the comments and visit from your visitors! I loved your email Lindsey! Love that you remembered my stained hands! Ha! I had almost forgotten! Love BETTERAFTER!

  3. That is so great that I didn’t even think it was the same headboard at first.

  4. Wow…just wow… That is beautiful!!

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  7. Sorry, I don’t like the new wall. It’s too dark, busy, and closes everything in too much.

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  9. It turned out really nice.

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  11. We’re about to do this on a wall in our foyer…seeing this just gets me crazy excited! FANTASTIC job!

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