From Howdy to Bonjour!

Hello there!  I hope you had a great weekend.  There’s still time to enter the Mixed Bag Designs giveaway before I choose FIVE random winners later today!  Click HERE.

Also, check out my most recent Sunday Sweets post over on Cake Wrecks!  (Still pinching myself that they actually allow me to write over there). Check that out right HERE.

And now, down to before and after business:

So, have you ever heard someone say “I love EVERY type of music!  Well, except country and rap.”   I’m almost inclined to agree, but I actually like quite a bit of rap.  Country … is … not really my thing.  Sorry.  Same with design styles.  I love EVERYTHING!  Modern, shabby-chic, beachy, industrial, minimalist, you name it.  Except country and rap.  (If you don’t think “rap” is a design style, you haven’t watched a lot of MTV Cribs.  Usually involves at least one giant poster of Scarface.)

So I would probably have avoided this very hunter-green, country-fied  sofa table, but once again, white paint saves the day.  It looks so elegant and very French-country, which is worlds away from regular ol’ country.  I can’t speak for French-country music though.

From the fantastic Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.

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  1. There is nothing that white paint can’t accomplish. We really ought to put white paint in charge of world peace.

    Awesome after!

  2. I’m always amazing at what white paint can do – I’m also always amazed when people can see through the current ugliness to the beautiful potential!

    LOVE it!

    Kristen@Turning a House into a Home

  3. Howdy to bonjour indeed! 🙂

  4. So awesome! I love what white paint can do!

  5. Thank you Lindsey. Once again your words are poetic 🙂 You make me laugh every time. And yes, I’ve seen MTV Cribs, and rap is definitely a decorating style -there’s no other name for it.

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