A Cute Angle

If you are into yoga (I am!), you’ve heard of the side angle pose.  If you are into trigonometry (I’m not!) you’ve heard of the side angle theorem.  But have you heard of the side angle bench?  It’s what you get when you take a pair of beaten up foot-boards and treat them to a little hacking and sawing and painting and reassembling.  I just love this makeover!  Even more fun than yoga and about fifty gazillionty times better than trig!

From Jessica at Running with Scissors.

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  1. love what you did with it very original piece.

  2. Adorable!! Why don’t my eyes ever see the potential in old stuff? 🙂

  3. Clever, clever idea!

  4. So so cute!

  5. I have seen benches made out of headboards, but this is adorable!!!
    I want to congratulate everyone that
    paints furniture, I have tried and
    not been successful.
    Love your blog….

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