Clowning Around

It was certainly lights out for this overly vibrant relic. It looks like it came from a going-out-of-business sale of a failed southwestern/circus themed hotel.  A hotel I would name: Sunset Under the Big Top.  But Husfruen decided it could be saved with a few coats of black Hammerite spray paint to give it more of a hammered metal finish, vs. a primary colored punch in the eye.  Looks absolutely fabulous!  Check it out on her blog Hilltop House.

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  1. Those are awesome lamps! i need and want one!

  2. I adore the after!

  3. Wow, so much better!

  4. Hi Lindsey,

    Thanks so much for showing my lamp on your fab blog. :-)

  5. Oooooh! I have a lamp shaped like that (but all white) in storage. Must do!

  6. love the after!

  7. Husfruen’s lamp is great-her blog, “Hilltop House” is awesome, and she has a charming, bucolic home. Lots of fairy tale photos of Christmas in Norway.

  8. I would not have thought it possible to make that lamp look good! Wow!


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