You Hoser!

You Hoser!

Someone once said, “I love seeing transformations of thrift store treasures or overlooked items into beautiful and functional design and decor. I’m endlessly inspired by what people can conceive and create.”  Who said that?  Oh, it was me!  See, it’s right over there on my sidebar!

And after all this time, it’s still true.  I LOVE seeing the ideas that people come up with that would have never popped into my fuzzy brain.  Here is one example, not a dramatically huge makeover, but a pretty ingenious idea nonetheless: an old candlestick repurposed into a hose hanger!  From Heidi at The Red Dollar House.  Way to use the ol’ noodle, Heidi!






  1. September 1, 2011 / 2:11 PM

    I love creative geniuses too! 😉

    Wish I had an ugly lamp to send. Off to look around! 😉

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