I must give a cyber high-five double fist-bump hip-shimmy to Jenny for choosing what I think is the perfect fabric for this chair.  The graphic lines complement the style of the chair so nicely; it looks great against the x’s of the arms.  It really wouldn’t have been the same with like, a heavy floral or some fuzzy Winnie-the-Pooh fabric or somesuch, am I right? 

Check it out on her blog Days of Chalk and Chocolate, which is a tales from her life of teaching and enjoying chocolate, and not of her chalk-eating pica problem, which was my first thought.



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  1. Thanks for featuring it! I love love love your blog! I’m so excited!


  2. LOVE it! Lindsey is absolutely right; the fabric is perfect.

  3. Maravilhosa.maravilhosa,bjsssss

  4. wow – i don’t often hear the word “pica” thrown casually into sentences. kudos!

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