When Plaid Attacks!

Perhaps there are better ways to pay homage to your Scottish ancestry than papering the entire bathroom in your clan’s tartan.  A nice plaque or something?  A small throw over the back of the couch?  Remember, plaid is like bagpipes:  Too much makes people want to stab themselves.  Uh, I mean, a little goes a long way.  (Actually, I love me some bagpipes.  But I’m serious about the plaid).

This simplified and pared down look comes from Angela at Fixing it Fancy.  I am diggin the driftwood mirror and dresser turned vanity.  And that light fixture!  She originally wanted a similar version for, but it cost $1,500. (what?!) So she decided to make one herself and spent less than $20!  DIGGIN it.



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  1. Amazing transformation!


  2. Although I have to admire their ability to wallpaper with plaid paper…and anyone who has ever attempted this will know what I am talking about…that is rather OTT! 😀
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I always know where to go for my daily laugh-here. You crack me up. Yes too much plaid is not a good thing. Good call de-plaiding the bathroom.

  4. THAT totally made me laugh out loud! I totally agree, i’d have to rip my eyeballs out, if i had that plaid bathroom!


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