Tool Cool for School

Things you can never have too much of: money, clothes, shoes, and toolboxes.  Ok, I’m really not sure about that last one, because I wouldn’t know what it’s like to have a handyman around the house (love you Matt, but let’s be honest with ourselves), but I imagine it’s probably true.  So, here’s a super clever way to store your tools in style without spending a bumload on another toolbox.  Because you should really be spending that money on shoes.
From Marti at The Next 50 Years.

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  1. SHUT UP! I had to look twice to realize it wasn’t metal in the 2nd photo! That’s a sneaky make over!

  2. Shut the freakin front door (I am obsessed with that expression for some reason)! That is awesome! It seriously looks like metal. I agree with the above comment, very sneaky!

  3. That is just genius! I love it! Pinning it now.

  4. That is just genius! I love it! Pinning it now.

  5. That is just genius! I love it! Pinning it now.

  6. Please don’t tell my husband about this. We already have three big toolboxes in the garage AND he has another one at work which will come here to live after he retires. If he starts making his own, who knows where it will end!

    Don’t tell him I said so, but this makeover is REALLY, REALLY cool!


  7. My college daughter would totally agree with you; money is better spent on clothes and shoes. Thanks for featuring my project and the nice comments. It’s such a thrill to see it here on your blog.

  8. Okay, weird thing for me to notice here but…I had that same Bugs Bunny toy on top of the nightstand in the before picture, way back when I was a kid. 🙂

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