That’s Jacked!

Speaking of flags, (we weren’t actually, but we are now) my husband works at a high school with a large population of foreign students.  The administrators thought that a nice way to recognize this fact would be to set up big display of flagpoles out front, flying all the flags of the countries represented by their students.  Only … somehow a communist North Korea flag got mixed in there accidentally, and a whole bunch of people got offended.  Whoopsie! 

So the whole point of that story was to talk about this desk and the Union Jack trend.  I think we can almost all agree that the Union Jack is a pretty rad flag.  But … now I notice that this desk is not really sporting a traditional Union Jack at all, just some cool stripes.  Hrm.  Still looks awesome. 

From Brooke at Bee Interiors.

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  1. You crack me up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can I just say – WOTCHIT! Don’t confuse the Union flag with the flippin French rag – talk about adding insult to injury 🙂


  3. Very cute, I have a desk like that I’m considering painting.

  4. Totally rad. Thanks for sharing (and for bringing “rad” back). 🙂


  5. Very cool. It looks british-y anyway.

  6. Adorable transformation!

  7. Thank you sooo much for featuring my little desk redo! I’d not even thought about the Union Jack flag, but now that you mention it…! Thanks again:)

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