Showing a Little Leg

I love this room redo, not only because it replaced that peachy pit of peachocity with cool stripes and a gray and yellow color scheme, but because of the leg lamp!  Dare I say,  it looks kinda… classy?

When I started the process of ye olde blog redesign a few weeks ago, I made certain to my designer Ana that my header would remain the same.  “Upon penalty of certain death, you WILL NOT REMOVE MY LEG LAMP HEADER!!” I fiercely demanded.  Actually, I just asked nicely.  Ana’s very accommodating.   Anyway,  I just love my silly header.  Which explains why I extra-love this room redo as well.

Take a tour of the whole space on Ash’s blog Domestic Imperfection.



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  1. I freely admit I have always wanted a leg lamp to put in my front window at Christmas just like in A Christmas Story…FUUU-DGE!
    Yeah I am a movie quoting nerd.

  2. Thanks be to whomever for putting that lamp in that room. I am so tired of looking at the same rooms over and over. C’mon people….let your little lights shine out from underneath those bushes full of sunburst mirrors, and vertical stripes and greige…..

  3. Oh, my gosh, do they still make those lamps? LOL I love the stripes makes a world of difference – the lamp is a definite conversation piece!

  4. haha awesome

  5. Nice! Though I do like the before color on the wall. Check out my latest DIY. And I would of course be honored if you want to make a post out of it 🙂

  6. The leg! See?! You are SO relevant! I could totally picture this room in your house, with your love of gray and all. 🙂

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