Owl bet …

I bet you haven’t seen anything this cute today!  Unless you just like, had a baby or something, and you are currently snuggling your fresh little newborn, then maybe.  But if not, behold the cuteness overload of this dresser redo from Megan at Never a Dull Day for her newest nephew’s nursery.  (It totally matches the bedding too, ack, so cute)!  

She completed this (not to mention a taller version of the same thing) in 32 hours over five days from start to the final glazed finish.  My favorite detail is the (look veeery close) contrast stitching along every branch and leaf, which Megan drew on one stitch at a time with a Sharpie.  Talk about aiming for extra credit!

Thanks for sharing Megan! 

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  1. oh that is fantastic. !

  2. Ohhh I love it!!

  3. This is SO cute! I absolutely love it.

  4. ahhh thanks so much for the feature!! i think i’m having withdrawls from the dresser’s cuteness!!


  5. That is totally cute!

  6. I enjoy your blog immensely and visit it everyday! When I first came across it I spent hours looking backwards at all your posts until when you first began! Thanks!

  7. love this! I want that dresser!

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