Mama Mia!

If my eyes could bug out of my head like in the cartoons, they’d be bugging so hard right now they’d probably bump into my computer screen and leave greasy little eye-prints.  Ew.

But seriously man, didn’t Mia do an amazing job on her kitchen makeover?  It was such a blank slate before, and now there are just layers and layers of personality.  I’m loving the new glass fronts, the apron sink, the three different styles of hardware on the cabinets, and that island!  Also, what’s especially cool about the backsplash is that while the grout was still wet, Mia scraped it down to make it seem weathered, like it had been there forever!  It’s all in the details.

Bizillions more details to see on her blog Jilly and Mia.


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  1. BAHAHAHAHA. Greasy eye prints! You’re so gross. See, this is the other reason I love your blog. That kitchen is awesome, too, btw. Just awesome.

  2. The kitchen is gorgeous! Your analogy…disturbing! 😉

  3. She did an amazing job, it’s so warm and inviting now.

  4. What a BIG difference, she did a fabulous job! 🙂

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