Just Another Manic Wednesday

Oh dang.  I just realized it’s Wednesday.  I’ve been thinking it was Thursday all day! *big sigh* This is going to be a looooong weeek.  Well, how about some quick and easy makeovers, sure to get your spray-paint trigger finger itching?  Yes? No?  Don’t argue with me, I’m tired!

Yes, ok, quick and easy it is then.  So like the Bible says, spray paint is a girl’s best friend. Or that might be dogs. Or diamonds?  Diamond dogs?  Dustin Diamond?  I really don’t know. I’m tired.  But you can’t ever be too tired to spray paint! 

Check out these sweet little projects, first from Better After reader Stacie, who unpatriotically spray-painted right over the most revered symbol of our American nation – two turtle doves – with a simple coat of red to make an eye-catching kitchen caddy.



Valery from Merry Go Round Boutique took this grungy outdoor light and turned it into a sweet little tablescape scene for mere pennies!  She says “Easy projects like this that are completed with relatively little work bring me so much gratification!” Amen to that Valery, because I can promise you, your local HomeGoods is probably selling something exactly like this right now for $30.   




And here is one more case of the trendy turquoise treatment, given to this gaudy-awful gold mirror. Fabulousness. 

From Maria at Our Lake Life


Have a good weekend friend!

Ha ha, I kid. 

 *wistful sigh*



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  1. Cute cute cute cute cute! Oh, and Dustin Diamond? Ewwwwwwww!

  2. It’s Thursday here in Australia!
    Love that turquoise mirror!

  3. I can’t find mirrors like that if I had to to save my life!!! Beautiful!!

  4. Dustin Diamond!! Ha ha ha ha. You’re awesome.
    All these little projects look amazing!!

    *I’m a huge Saved by the Bell fan.

  5. Love all of your before and afters!

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