A Galaxy Far Far Away

If you looked at this item and guessed right away that it was a lamp, give yourself a high-five.

I thought it was maybe a tractor cog, or a toy for highly advanced toddlers, teaching them how to stack rings while they learned about the solar system at the same time.  I see the Milky Way!

But didn’t Missey do a great job de-ugging it?  Check it out on her hilarious blog, RedoPalooza.  Unbelievably, this (before) lamp wouldn’t even be a contender in the Ugly Lamp Contest.  I have gotten some doozies so far that are going to blow your mind with fugtasticness.  Enter your ugly lamp today!


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  1. Wow! Love it!

  2. Hey, just wanted to say that I have visited your blog for quite a while now, and really enjoy it!! I am sharing your blog on mine, thepresentmom.blogspot.com as one of my favorite online inspirations! thanks for the fun!! Rebecca

  3. Umm, YES PLEASE! I LOVE love love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amazing!


  5. SO CUTE! This might be my favorite redo yet! Adorable!

  6. First thought was a “vintage” pepper mill from 1984…the after is FANTASTIC!!

  7. I briefly considered entering it into the contest, but when I saw last year’s winner, I knew it didn’t stand a chance!!!

    Thanks for the feature! I LUUUUVV your blog. :0)

  8. Love it! The lampshade is to-die-for.

  9. Super cute, I love the turquoise.

  10. I admit I am super excited for the ugly lamp contest. Please tell me you’ll share lots of them, not just the winner! 🙂

  11. Love it! I’m obsessed with that color lately!

  12. Have to agree that was one ugly lamo but you made it gorgeous!

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