Closing Time

If this pub set was true to it name, and actually originated from an actual pub, then I bet that pub was called “The Splintered Bottom,” and it was probably a real downer of a joint.  The type of place where nobody knows your name.  And nobody cares.

But you know what would cheer that thing up?  Some cheer in a can! AKA: yellow paint.  Check out the up close shots on Brecken’s blog The Chic Life.  And hey, if you happen to love it and live near Niceville, FL … it’s for sale!



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  1. I find your blog a few weeks ago and love it!! I don’t think I missed anything…I hope not 🙂 Excellent boring to fun yellow pub set!!

  2. This reminds of the “antiquing” paint technique that was so popular in the early 70s. Now we call it aging. Even the gold color is very similar. I am seeing more and more decorating trends coming back. Everything old is new again.

  3. I would have loved to seen these chairs each a different color and the table really different 🙂 These are cute though 🙂

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