Bye bye hi-fi, hello wi-fi!

This shuttery old thing used to house a record player in a previous life.  For all you youngsters out there, “records” were these round shiny things that played music.  No, no you’re thinking of CDs.  CDs were round shiny things that also played music during the days of yore – back when people couldn’t download libraries of music in two nanoseconds onto their phone while driving.  Ahh, how far we’ve come!
And this old cabinet has stepped out of the stone age as well, now serving as a flat-screen TV stand.  Courtney picked it up off craigslist for a grand $15, removed and replaced the doors and finished off with a warm gray.  I’m loving the latticework.  Great job!  See more on her blog Bowdenisms.

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  1. Oooooh! L*O*V*E! Way to see past the dust and know how gorgeous this piece could be. I think the lattice work in the doors is divine!

  2. We had that piece!!Complete with turntable and 8 track player!! Now I can’t believe I let my family talk me into getting rid of it! Great Job!

  3. Looks awesome…………..nice color too.

  4. Now that is too cool!

  5. WHOA! This has to be one of my favorite AFTERS so far! Outstanding!!!

  6. WOW! i love it…its funny you should post this…i found one of these beside the road last night…it was in great condition…i’ve already taken out the insides and started priming…mine will never look that good though!

  7. Love it! It looks wonderful and what a great deal. 🙂

  8. OMG, seriously what an awesome makeover! I love it! Nice job!

  9. I’m so glad everyone loves it! Thanks for the feature!

  10. Love, love, love that! Amazing job.

  11. What great vision she had! I grew up in a time when every house had one of those! To think of all those old great dinosaurs that have been trashed when they could have been up-cycled!

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