Stick it to the man!

Catherine found this jewelry box at a thrift store and fell it love with its swirls and curves. However, not caring much for the cracks and dents, and oh yes, colonial kitchen-slavery scene depicted on the lid, she whipped out her spray paint and fashioned the sweetest little pincushion you’ve ever seen instead.  I think I smell a trend!  Check it out on her blog Cat on a Limb.



And just in case you saved room for more pointy household item makeovers on your plate, then chew on this:  A grimy, rusty, bronze wastebasket turned into a cheerful be-chevroned wastebasket from the infinitely talented Beckie at Infarrantly Creative.  

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  1. Lindsey, one of the reasons I love your blog so much is that it forces you to think about refinishing and recreating things that aren’t just another dresser or antique style chair! Now, I’m looking at the garbage can I was going to replace in the bathroom with a whole new set of eyes!

  2. I have absolutely no need for a pin cushion, but that one is adorable!

  3. the jewelry box is sooo adorable!! i think the after product could still be a jewelry box!

  4. hey why does that garbage can have sharp little stabby-looking things around the rim? 😉

    very cute makeovers as always.

  5. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even care what the thing is that’s being made over…..I just love reading your descriptions of them! The pin cushion one was one of your all time best!!!

    (and the pin cushion was cute too!)

  6. The pin cushion is an absolute awesome find!! And, I am going to have to jump over to IC to find out how those stripes got there…

  7. Katy, the trashcan is a drum, drum, drum, drum, drum! On which I’d impale myself, dumb, dumb, dumb!

    All good re-dos, as usual, Ladies!

  8. i’m totally using that pincushion idea – too cute!

  9. love it!! im having a giveaway for a beautiful vintage tin! please share the word and sign up

    thx xox

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