Park n’ Wash

A few basic rules of bathroom design: You shouldn’t be able to wash your hands while sitting on the toilet.   Also, if you have a few cracked floor tiles, find it in your heart and budget to replace them with tiles of the same size and color.  And, seeing how you just love all that tile, why not make sure that your “decorative” tiles all face the same direction?

This little bathroom of horrors was the first thing to go when Jeanette and her husband started remodeling This Dusty House  They included a whole new layout, a shiny white toilet and tub, and tasteful tile that doesn’t give me the OCD itchies.  Fantastic!


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  1. Pheew I was panicking when i saw the before picture. Really, I dont know why, probably because it was shot at the angle the made it easy to imagine myself standing there… the “after” brough much needed relief. Thank goodness. Such great reno.

  2. They did a great job updating that bathroom! I love the mosaic tile, it’s such a nice touch. I wish, though, that they would have stuck to just one type of finish for their fixtures.

  3. @Melodie

    We do too! It was a hindsight thing that we might switch over yet at some point. Or, perhaps I’ll have to take a can of ORB spray paint to the shower fixtures one of these days?

  4. holy bathroom that wasn’t pretty! Talk about having some vision!

    The after is magnificent! Even has a much larger sink! really really nicely done!

  5. Beautifully done! Didn’t notice the tile mistake until you pointed it out, then it was driving me crazy. Glad it’s not longer there to haunt my dreams. 😉

  6. Those before shots made me shudder!

  7. The before is so icky! And I luv the new vanity. Beautiful!

  8. Great Remodel!! Wow, I can not believe someone let it get that bad….lol

  9. OMG – Nostalgia has grabbed me! The house I grew up in (that my day built) Had a blue bathtub, toilet and sink! The kitchen had a pink range, sink and refigerator – you don’t have any of those to share, do you?

  10. These are great!!


  11. That After picture is like a breath of fresh air; they did SUCH a good job on this. It’s inspired me to do my bathroom cabinet black. Not saying it’ll happen any time soon, but if and when…

  12. That one one heck of a scary bathroom before!

  13. I HAD to come check this out because I have a water closet in my house where you can do just that…”park and wash”. But being as it is truly a water closet there isn’t much I can do about it, LOL.

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