Oh, I guess you could say I like it.

I don’t know what this thing is … a curio cabinet maybe?  But what I do know is this: We need to hunt down Debbi from Tattered Butterfly Studio (who didn’t give many details) and demand to know where she found that Parisian Ferris-wheel themed wallpaper.  I must have it.  I love it so much I want to simultaneously wear it and eat it and cover the inside of my eyelids with it so I never have to stop looking at it.  Yes, I love it so much I WOULD marry it, thank you, and I may even start a new religion based on it.  Would you like to join?




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  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE that wallpaper!

  2. I must have that wallpaper! What an amazing transformation! Great job!

  3. YES! I will join your religion to worship that Parisian wallpaper! Sign me up.

  4. Please tell me they have made fabric with this design!

  5. YES! I want to know where that came from, too. How fabulous is that?

  6. WOW! I love it.

  7. Fabulous!!! She took such an UGLY boring cabinet and made it a gorgeous focal point. That wallpaper? SWOON!!!!

  8. Lindsey I WILL follow you blindly as long as my eyelids are covered in whatever you are saying. Eh? You are the funniest person I have never met. I cannot understand for the life of me why we are not nor have never met in this lifetime. We ate kindred spirits yet you are much funnier. I love you.
    P.s. Fantastic re-do

  9. What a wonderful transformation! Did you notice the pulls on the front of the cabinet…they look like they have little Eiffel Towers on them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I also love this wallpaper and found it at York Wallcoverings (yorkwall.com) in the search window type in BL0436 and you will see the information needed to order it. I am calling my local dealer in the a.m. Thanks for sharing – love your work!

  11. I have to say, that is the best before/after I have EVER seen!!! I would join your ferris wheel religion!!

  12. Count me in! I am with you in your wallpaper worshipping cult of light and laughter!

    I am so wanting that wallpaper for my ongoing DIY project.

  13. I LOVE IT!! What time are services??

  14. That is just gorgeous. I think that the paper is from Anthropologie

  15. As everyone, I love it! It would be a shame to fill the shelves and not see the wallpaper!

  16. I need my closet covered in that paper! AH!!!

  17. Love it !

  18. Love it !! I also ADORE the paper & I love your site! You are hilarious and what I read each morning while I have my morning cup of Diet Pepsi… but sometimes I wait to drink in case you make me laugh so hard I spray the computer with Pepsi… again

  19. LOVE the wallpaper!!

  20. Yes, yes, yes! Gorgeous! I want the whole cabinet, not just the wallpaper. Not sure where I would put such a cabinet in my tiny house yet, but that doesn’t matter, right?

  21. love the wallpaper and the cabinet went from yuk to awesome!

  22. The wall paper makes this absolutely divine! Love it!


  23. I too love that wallpaper and the entire finished project! Yes, let’s do start a Parisian wallpaper religion! Shall we call it “Le papier Parisien de roue de ferris du Saint Graal”? Naw…too long! LOL!

  24. You are so funny!!! Even if I didn’t like this B/4 & After, I would still love this post! But, of course, I love the results too. 🙂 I will happily join the religion too.

  25. That looks so amazing! I love redoing things and making them like new! amazing!



  26. No way!
    That is one incredible makeover, one of the best.

  27. not to burst a bubble but that is NOT a ferris wheel…lol. It’s the ‘EYE’ in london. The description says ‘scenes from Paris’…yeah, where in Paris do they have Gondolas?? It’s all of europe which makes it even more awesome for me!

    Similar fabric:




    back to this…my husband is gonna kill me…coz when he comes back from his next business trip, THIS wallpaper will be in our bathroom.

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things and inspiring me daily.

  28. oh my WORD!! Yes, I would join. I am IN LOVE!!!

  29. ANTHROPOLOGIE has it, too!

  30. This one’s crazy good.

  31. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for all the great comments. The Euro Paper I found at a local wallpaper store. I saw it and had to start designing furniture pieces around this paper! I would join the Euro Wallpaper Church too…..I now have sold at least 6 pieces of furniture with this paper and many more to come!

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