Mute and Dilute

Aren’t these yellow side tables fantastic?  The color totally reminds me of dandelions!  Oh, snap that’s because the paint color is called Dandy-Lion from Martha Stewart!  That Martha. Is there anything she can’t do? But don’t rush out and buy Dandy-Lion paint just yet.  This is actually a muted version of the color because Liz-Marie added a coat of stain after painting and distressing. 

So NOW you can go get that paint, just throw a can of stain in your cart while you’re at it, or your sweet little Dandy-Lion will be more like DANDY-LION-ALL-UP-IN-YOUR-FACE-YA’LL, and we don’t want that. 

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  1. Very cute! Those side tables are everywhere but the pop of color makes them so much more unique.

  2. Okay great minds must think alike I totally just did that almost exactly. Check out my version on Nice work!

  3. ooh! i love it. i’ve seen these types of tables before and they’re usually always ugly. this makes me want to by one and paint it! i love how you’ve placed the lamp and the lower portion is still so spacious!

  4. Boy where would we be without paint?? Those are now adorable!!

  5. Ahhh! Yellow is my fav color and I keep finding these vintage tables everywhere and wishing I had a pair to paint, and here you did it! I LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  6. these are amazing! i just got two side tables and i want to paint them this color now! they are almost the same as the tables you have here but without the top shelf.. love it!

  7. LOVE! What a great color. I’m trying to decide what I’m doing with furniture in my future little one’s nursery. I’m pinning this for sure!

  8. argh, so ugly before & so beautiful after!!!!! i love that color!

  9. I grew up with the ‘before’ version! Wouldn’t have guessed they could ever be nice, but she did it!

  10. do you know what type of stain she used?:):)

  11. What a great job! And to think the originals weren’t even all that bad to begin with!


  12. <3 Love <3

  13. Any idea what the paint colour is? Thanks!

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