MALOUF Giveaway!!! (now closed)


Hi friends!  I have an exciting giveaway to share today!  The fantastic people at Malouf Fine Linens are offering a pair of their exquisite Z pillows to one lucky Better After reader!

How do I know these pillows are so exquisite?  Because they kindly sent me one to review, and it is hands-down the BEST pillow I have ever owned.

I took it camping, ya’ll. 

That’s love.

Check out the pillow manufacturing operation going on here.  You are not getting any old bag of feathers, no.  This is science!

After a little questioning, (side sleeper?  back sleeper? ) they determined which pillow was right for me, and it turned out to be the  Zoned Talalay Latex, which, have I mentioned?  I LOVE. 
 I’ve had memory foam pillows before, but this one is way different.  It is so light and bouncy!  It didn’t feel like my head was sinking in a pillowcase full of wet sand, (like memory foam) but totally supported and floating happily! 
After awhile I noticed that I no longer needed to sleep with my blankets bunched up behind my lower back like I used to.  These pillows can save the world, I’m convinced. 
Check out all the options: 
The only problem is … everybody else likes my pillow too. 

 I recently caught this little ragamuffin red-handed, or rather, dirty-footed, flagrantly hogging my pillow. 

Malouf Fine Linens also offers a whole line of bed products, from Sleep-Tite mattress protectors (fantastic for people with allergies or bedbug/dust mite phobias), plus Egyptian Cotton Sheets, the famed Z Pillows and even  Structures adjustable bedframes.

So, guess what!?  You could win two, yes TWO pillows from Malouf Fine Linens!  This is a seriously big deal, because these are like the Prada of pillows. A luxury car for your dreams.  You will be so happy to win.

To enter:
Simply leave a comment on this post!
(please leave a way for me to contact you)
Additional entries:
“Like” Malouf Fine Linens on Facebook!
(tell them Better After sent you!)
Leave a comment on the Malouf Fine Linens Blog! 
 (you could learn a lot over there, like how other manufactures scam you with their “thread counts”)

There you have it, three chances to win!  (Plus they are running their own pillow giveaway, so you can double up your chances!)  Good luck!  And one more big thank you to Malouf Fine Linens.

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  1. These pillows look awesome! Fingers crossed….

  2. Seriously could use these!!! HAd our pillows for 6yrs now and they came from my mothers spare room, so old…….Wish us luck!

  3. Oh I need some good pillows, we have 7 on our bed and they are all awful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. ‘Like’ Malouf Fine Linens on FB

  5. Left them a comment telling them our shameful secret of how old our pillows are LOL that’s ok, I don’t know them in real life just net world 😉

  6. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Love your blog!

  7. I’m training a puppy and currently dogsitting another. I could use a great night’s sleep! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Oh wouldn’t that be wonderful, if the one contest I actually won was for a Malouf Pillow? I love their products! I already :like: them on FB. ….please, please email me….

  9. Now that sounds like a dream! I have a contoured, memory foam pillow from IKEA, but it’s like the ugly half step sister of Malouf’s pillows.

  10. oh, I want to win!!! me and pillows don’t get along, I have tried everyone, these sound wonderful, thanks

  11. I like on FB

  12. Oh I could use some serious back help when sleeping! Sounds great!

  13. Oh this win would definitely improve my sleep…fingers crossed!

  14. These look super comfy!
    lauriemac982 at aol dot com

  15. zzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  16. I would seriously LOVE to win this giveaway! Their pillows sound heavenly!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. GREAT!!! I stole my husband’s pillow like this (we’re not even sure where it came from) when we got married 7 years ago!! Let’s just say any other pillow is not doing him justice and we’ve not seen these pillows anywhere! We’d love to have some more!!

    ladybugenator AT gmail DOT com

  19. definitely need new pillows – these look super sciency!

  20. How wonderful! Just checked out their web site and looks like a great product.

  21. I am shopping right now for stuff for my bed. Those pillows are right on time if I win. I liked them on Facebook and wrote on their blog. MSJNMT and MSMILLA914.

  22. I’m always on the search for a good pillow. I would love the chance to win this! 🙂

  23. What a great giveaway!!! I could seriously use a new pillow. I haven’t had a new one in like 10 years, gross right?
    I also wrote on their blog.

  24. I love sleep AND I love pillows!! These sound amazing!
    Fingers crossed!

  25. I want one of those pillows!!

  26. Ha, is it redneck of me to admit that I had NO idea that so much work went into pillows?

  27. the picture says it all:) thanks for the giveaway

  28. I could use a new pillow! Fingers crossed and thanks.

  29. I wanna win these cushions of love. 🙂

  30. I would love to have 2 new amazing pillows! I love to sleep!

  31. I like Malouf on Facebook! But I would love it more on my bed!

  32. And, if I win (!!!), you can contact me at emmymo at gmail

  33. Love it!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I NEED this pillow! I have the worst luck finding a great pillow to use. I have horrible neck pain and any pillow I use makes my neck more uncomfortable. I would love to win!

  35. I so need to win this for my aching neck!

  36. I LIKED Malouf on FB!

  37. I liked Malouf on Facebook.

  38. These look heavenly!!! I can just imagine a wonderful night’s sleep on one!

  39. I totally need some new pillows! These look amazing!

  40. I “liked” Malouf Fine Linens on Facebook!

  41. So I turned 30 this week. Do you know what I dreamed of for weeks? I wished for and got a memory foam pillow. Am I getting old or what? Only now I am wishing for the prada of memory foam pillows. Email me with the good news

  42. We have a natural latex mattress topper and it’s amazing! I’d love to have a pillow…I’ve had neck issues for years and the only thing that’s helped is a buckwheat pillow, but their not very comfortable. I’m ready for a switch. Love your blog, btw. I read it everyday and missed your wit when you were gone camping!

  43. i would love some new pillows!!


  44. I love pillows… and I could use a new one. These look awesome and very comfortable. thanks

    debbebennett at yahoo dot com

  45. as I’ve gotten older I’ve had more problems finding just the right pillow that doesn’t give me a “crick” in my neck

    I’d love to give one of these a try!

  46. I would love to win this giveaway.I’m needing a comfortable pillow.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Perhaps this will help the husband sleep. Personally, I sleep like a baby! 🙂

  49. LIKED them on FB and mentioned yer name.

  50. I totally forgot to add contact info (I’m Kim…a few comments up…the one with the buckwheat pillow) my email is Thanks!

  51. I need a good pillow…maybe this one might be it! who knows.

    arya_wiese (at)

  52. I love pillows!

  53. Count me in! I’m going to need a new pillow soon and those look amazing.

  54. very cool. thank you!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  55. crazy timing! I was just telling my husband I need a new pillow:)

  56. I have pillows bunched EVERYWHERE ! Please enter me!
    Have a pretty day!

  57. Hi, my name is Erin and I’ve never been in love with a pillow (did that sound like an AA intro, because it was supposed to!) seriously, I would love to find a pillow that I love. I can be reached at Thanks!

  58. Pillows are great! I would love to win the best pillow ever because my pillows are just ok.

  59. oooh great giveaway! I am in need of a new pillow…

  60. I’ve never heard of Malouf before, but they sound LEGIT! Great giveaway!
    ~ Brynne
    ducttapecowgirl AT gmail DOT com

  61. Also, I “liked” Malouf Fine Linens on Facebook.

  62. Ooh, nice giveaway! I would love one of those pillows!

    kara [dot] a [dot] hobbs [at]

  63. wow! those pillows look amazing. thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  64. I would love a new pillow! I’ve been using the same one for about 11 years now!

  65. I’ve always wondered if there really is a difference between pillows depending on how you sleep … I’m a face down type of sleeper, much like the pillow thief. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I have been wanting new pillows for my bed!!! I have a hard time finding one I like so I end up sleeping with like 3 pillows. So it would be great to find 1 that could meet my needs 🙂

  67. I NEED these pillows! I have brought home ( and returned) 6 different brands/ types of pillows over the last month. This has got to be the one!!

  68. These pillows look heavenly! Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Liked it on fb 🙂


  71. I need a good pillow!

  72. I could use my own fuffy piece of heaven. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  73. Tried to leave a comment on their blog from my iPad but can’t figure it out. Could be a glitch in their blog, or a glitch in my brain. Probably the latter.

  74. I would love to win

  75. I just left message but for got to leave any information

  76. I would love a pillow!!

  77. Pick me! Pick me!

  78. Just left a comment over on their blog!

  79. Ohhh! I need a side sleeper pillow!

  80. Oooo, this looks wonderful! I’m ready for a new pillow:)

  81. I liked them on Facebook!

  82. i wish! i’ve been dying to find the perfect pillow!

  83. I need a new pillow. Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. I soooo want one!

  85. Oh please! Me! Pick me!!

  86. Wow. I have been waking up with a stiff neck and back for weeks now because I left my “good” (read: $20) pillow at my parents’ house. Oh, PLEASE pick me. My back would thank you!

    mandalee65 at

  87. Ah…I have yet to find a pillow like one I once had…

  88. Those pillows look amazing!

  89. I want one of these! The $4 pillows I buy just don’t cut it! ☺

  90. I “liked” Malouf on Facebook!

  91. I left a comment on Malouf’s blog!

  92. Wow! I had back surgery a few months ago & these pillows would probably help me get some better sleep since I can’t seem to get comfortable anymore.

  93. Ummm I would love these pillows! Maybe then I could actually sleep!

  94. I’d love to win these! One for me, one for my husband. Well, maybe not, maybe both for me 🙂

  95. Following them via facebook

  96. Oh how I’d love a great pillow. Just found out I’m prego and I can’t imagine anything more exquisite than a good nights sleep!!! Hehehehehe!

  97. I had never heard of Malouf. Thanks for the intro!

  98. I also left a comment on their blog, as well as entering to win on their giveaway 🙂

  99. Ooh I think I need this…I keep waking up with neck aches.

  100. Is it sad that when you said you took your pillow camping I immediately thought how much more comfortable I slept camping this year than in my own bed.. because my pillows are that bad? Or maybe it was the heat indexes of 115 every day… either way, I WANT PILLOW!

  101. I’m a side sleeper, and I also have to bunch up the covers near my lower back. I would LOVE to remedy that! Pick me!! 🙂

  102. That sounds like a dream pillow.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    theredkiwi (at) yahoo (dot) com

  103. I could always use a better nights sleep. Hope I win!

  104. I’m always hunting for the perfect pillow. Could my hunt be over?? I would love to win!

    stine_stanek at

  105. I posted earlier here, this is my “facebook like” post, but I did like them on facebook too! My email is

  106. My email is I left a comment on their blog giveaway as well 🙂

  107. Umm, I am 110% convinced that I NEED the shredded latex one. I have SUCH a hard time sleeping with my joints, and now my neck joints, too. I am forever on the lookout for the perfect pillow!!!

  108. Oh man! I NEED a new pillow badly!

  109. Oops…forgot my email….

    groggstuff AT gmail

  110. These sound wonderful! I would love to give them a try.

  111. oooh, comfy!

  112. I’m totally a pillow snob. I’m dying to try one of these now! Pick me, pick me. 🙂


  113. oh the elusive “perfect pillow”! I like mine ok enough, but my hubby has searched for YEARS for the right one and is not ever comfy, poor guy. Plus we have a weird collection of rejects in the guest room closet and also the pillow he is now using is all weird and small so having 2 that were LOVELY would be great! 🙂

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. I WANT! Plus, I liked them on Facebook (and told them you sent me, the whole shebang), and I left a comment on their blog. 😀

  116. I’ve been on the hunt for a good latex pillow. These look A-mazing!

  117. I “liked” Malouf on Facebook too!

  118. And I left a comment on their blog!

  119. Oh I am crossing my fingers & my toes. I need this oh so bad…so does my lower back!!

  120. Liked them on facebook as well!

  121. elsker puder:)

  122. I also commented on their blog. Their website is GREAT!

  123. sure i’ll try it.

  124. These look wonderful!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  125. So need a new pillow.

  126. Anything for a better night’s rest. These look like the golden ticket to better sleep. I could really use a nice new comfy pillow.

  127. I need some new pillows but I am MUCH more aware about the chemicals that go into our bedding (pillows, mattresses, sheets, etc.). How safe are these pillows? – I’m wondering. I love watching THE STORY OF STUFF videos. Informative videos about the chemicals that go into our everyday items. I’m curious about these pillows

  128. I liked Malouf on facebook.

  129. I left a comment on their blog.

  130. Ah, to have a good pillow just might make this momma sleep well at night!


  131. I would love one or two of these. I am ready for a pillow that truly gives me proper support!

  132. Hi,
    I’m entering with 2 tickets – I’d love a new pillow 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Mari Ann

  133. i hope i win- that pillow looks awesome!
    garasc @ email . wm . edu

  134. Would love to try these out!

  135. Ahhhh, SLEEP. This is like the best giveaway. Ever. 🙂 Love your blog, for realz and maybe some day, after I actually redo something to have an actual Before & After photo, I’ll be on it. And not just in “Comments”.

  136. SORRY. My email is BTW I “Liked” Malouf Fine Linens on FB

  137. I need a new pillow!! I’m done the street from you!

  138. Oi, I could totally use this. I keep stealing my boyfriend’s memory foam pillow because mine sucks.

  139. Would ADORE a new pillow (which my hubbie does not think is a “need” purchase) and these look awesome !!

  140. I’m always searching for the right pillow! This sounds like it would be a good one!

  141. I would love one of thewse pillows.


  142. If this pillow would help my husband sleep better, I would love to win!
    Deb W

  143. It would be nice to finally find a pillow to fall in love with … hasn’t happened yet but I keep trying!

  144. Can’t wait to try my new pillow!! LOL


  145. Love your site! I would love to win the pillows! Keep up the great ideas.

  146. my pillow is sad. I need! I need!

  147. These look like awesome pillows!

    ljyoung85 at

  148. Oh Yay! I so need a good pillow! Thanks for the chance to WIN! 🙂

  149. A good night’s sleep would be sooooo heavenly. Those pillows look super cozy.

  150. Love your blog. I need a GOOD pillow! Thanks for the giveaway :O)


  151. Between the heat, crazy thunderstorms and two kids who rarely have nightmares but this week both woke up screaming, I could really use a good night’s sleep.

  152. What an awesome giveaway! My hubs has neck issues and I hear you on the trying a billion pillow for comfort. ssmckeel at gmail dot com

  153. Ooh, my neck could use a new pillow!

  154. A sinking pillowcase full of wet sand is a great description of how I feel when I steal my husbands pillow. He always complains about it, but I didn’t realize there was an alternative.

    I went to their website for the pillows and found EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I have a daybed now and only have two twin mattresses, but I’d like to have two stand alone beds in the room now. I didn’t want to have to buy (2) box springs and (2) bed frames. I found the perfect solution– HighRise Bed Frame. I’m going to make some upholstered headboards and these frames will be perfect for the beds. I’m excited about all the storage possible.

    Thank you for sharing such a great site!!

    bridothager at gmail dot com

  155. Would love to win! Great giveaway – thanks 🙂

  156. We so could us some good pillows!
    This would be so awesome to win!

  157. I also posted on their blog…thanks for directing us there!

  158. My poor aching pregnant body needs one of these STAT! And I’ll definitely need some good rest after this kid gets here.

  159. I hope I win!!!
    E-mail –

  160. Amazing detail in making a pillow! I’m in 🙂

  161. OOOOOH I hope I win I hope I win! I need a “real” pillow as my husband calls them. We’re warm for these pillow’s form!

  162. Omgosh. I LOVE bedding, and pillows, and comfy things!

  163. I wish I had a pillow like this – I currently wake up every morning with an aching neck!

  164. I love pillows! Thanks for the chance to win.

  165. Consider me entered!

  166. Ohhhhh I would love to win those awesome pillows !!!

  167. I like them on facebook 🙂

  168. Would love new pillows.

  169. Oooh! I want one! My current pillow has a 2″ height difference between the left and ride sides! Pitiful! I suppose my hubby needs one too. He custom made a pillow by scrunching the stuffing from one and a half pillows into one pillow case! Sigh.

  170. Would love some new pillows! These look and sound heavenly!
    I read your blog every day and now am looking at stuff with different eyes (ie: how can I make that Better After?). I miss you when you went camping!! Glad you are back and posting 😉

  171. We need NEW pillows, no, we need GOOD pillows. I have a couple lumpy, misshaped and uncomfortable things on my bed right now.

  172. Oooh! Gelled microfiber! Sounds heavenly!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  173. Always on the look out for the perfect pillow. Joanna

  174. I “Like” Malouf Fine Linens on Facebook! And let them know you sent me over there.

  175. Those look awesome! Great giveaway!


  176. I posted on Malouf Fine Linens blog. I am amazed at the quality and assortment of products they have!

  177. AHHHHHH!!!!! I can almost FEEL heaven just looking at Malouf’s Fine Linens photos!

  178. Pick me, Please!

    We need new pillows like crazy!

    rachael dot sando at gmail dot com

  179. Having just woke up with a sore back, a new pillow sounds FANTASTIC. Pick me! 🙂

  180. Oh I NEED this pillow! I always wake up with neck pain and have never found a pillow that helps!

  181. Oh, I JUST told my husband that I needed a new pillow! This would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  182. My husband would be so happy. I must buy a new pillow about every 3 months or so. I’m very picky about my pillow.

  183. A great pillow is hard to find!

  184. I have been searching for a pillow for such a long time. It’s incredibly hard finding the “perfect” pillow! Hope I win! LOL!

  185. I would love to get these for my parents, to help them sleep better!

  186. I need a good pillow!!
    cali_kelly77 at yahoo dot com

  187. I love latex pillows!!!

  188. Awesome!
    Kim Ward

  189. We need some new pillows! These sound great! Thanks for the giveaway!
    sunnysummersmile at gmail dot com

  190. OMG I love good pillows. I have been fighting with my current pillows for so long now.

  191. Always looking for that ultimate pillow. Hope I win.

  192. I could tell you how I’ve searched for the RIGHT pillow like everyone else did, but I’d just be repeating what they’ve already said. I’m not one to follow the “crowd”.
    Honest truth, I’ve never won ANYTHING. Just thought I’d give it a try. Thanks for considering me. And to the winner, sweet dreams!
    P.S. LOVE your blog!

  193. Oh, we SOOO need some new pillows.

  194. I literally have a rod in my back! This would change my world completely!!

  195. Please register me for your giveaway! A new pillow would be so wonderful! Thanks!

  196. I SO need a good pillow!

  197. I would love to win these pillows –

  198. Oh, I so need a new good pillow!!! They look so inviting…thanks for the give away…hope I am a winner!!! Thanks, Linda

  199. These would be wonderful to win!

  200. Okay, 1 hour later, I finally read through all 200 comments to get to the ‘post’ link (not really, I scrolled).

    Good to know these pillows actually work–the one I had in the 80s was like a lead brick (long gone–the pillow, not my head, although one might dispute).

  201. What a great giveaway!

  202. This comment has been removed by the author.

  203. I just woke up with the worst neck knot/crink and then I read this and I am tempted to challenge that adorable ragamuffin for the pillow. I could have used this last night and then maybe I would have woken up in less pain.
    I need a new pillow 🙂

    randomrantsnraves @ gmail dot com (no spaces)

  204. yes please! my husband always complains about his pillow, this would be perfect for him!

  205. I would love to win! And, I love the photo of the dirty-footed cutie! 🙂

  206. I would love to have this love

  207. I really need a new pillow!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  208. I would love to have new awesome pillows that were all mine. I have memory foam now and I actually have to use another pillow with it.

  209. Left a comment on their blog!!

  210. I’d love to win a Z pillow (and that’s the cutest pillow thief I ever did see!) ~~Cindy

  211. I would love to win new pillows. Ours are just nasty.

  212. Please, please, please let this be the one time you pretend to randomly generate a winner and instead just cheatingly pick me!

  213. I NEED this pillow! It takes me over an hour to get comfortable at night and I wake up all seized up in the morning! I also liked on Facebook.

    I’m using Ikea and Tempur Pedic pillows and still not happy. Still willing to try another pillow…
    Love your blog.

  215. I have bought more than a dozen pillows trying to find one that won’t mess with my bad back. Sure would love to try one of these – they look amazing!

  216. I’d love these pillows! Thanks.

  217. Ooh, pick me!!!

  218. Awesome giveaway. These look likeheavn. 🙂

  219. With my bad neck – I could use these!!

  220. here’s my comment pick me

  221. sweet dreams

  222. I’d love to win one of these!

  223. I would LOVE to try out this pillow! Thank you!

  224. I like Malouf on FB. Thanks for letting us know of this awesome giveaway!

  225. I left them a comment on their blog, and oh how I am wishing for an amazing pillow!!!

  226. Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  227. Love it!

  228. Momma could so use a good night sleep..pick me!

  229. I’d win the gold in sleeping if it were an Olympic event…sure could use a new pillow!

    shel704 at aol dot com

  230. I like Malouf on Facebook: Michelle Hudak
    shel704 at aol dot com

  231. OOOOOO these pillows look so good! I had one similar that accidentally got left at my husbands grandmas house. Guess what… she threw it away!!!!! please email me!

  232. I left a comment on their blog under their giveaway post…fingers crossed!

    shel704 at aol dot com

  233. Would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  234. I would love to try one of these pillows!!
    presprizes at

  235. I would love this pillow. Pick me, Pick me!!!

  236. I would LOVE to win some good pillows! I have yet to find one I really love!

  237. I “liked” Malouf on FB and commented that I was sent by Better After!

  238. And for my 3rd entry–I left a comment on the Malouf blog. Those pillows look great! I hope I win some!

  239. Oh, please, oh, please with a cherry on top, please pick me! I NEED a pillow. I have had mine for years and it is almost gone. Thanks!

    BTW, I love this blog! I look forward to each and every post. (This is not me sucking up. I will still look forward to each and every post, even if you don’t pick me.) Keep ’em coming! Thanks for your time!

  240. the perfect prop for the one hobby I always follow through with… napping! lazygreenmama at gmail

  241. I seriously could use a good pillow. I find myself bunching up 2 and 3 pillows at night.

  242. sexy pillows…..for sleeping.

  243. O, thank you! I am in a search for a pillow right now, having tried all the aforementioned ones you tried! This would be wonderful, and I may just buy one anyway! Thanks! beverlee

  244. Loveley, I will win this……

  245. Count me in…would love one of these very compfy looking pillows…

  246. It’s a long shot but I’ve dreamed about these pillows 🙂

  247. Would love to win!

  248. Oh, this would be amazing to finally have a pillow that works for me. I have the hardest time getting comfortable at night.

  249. I definitely need a new pillow. I have sleep issues and these would really help

  250. I liked Malouf on FB

  251. Oh, to be able not to snore anymore, would love to have these pillows. Karen

  252. I left a comment on their site about having sleep issues and needing a side sleeper
    lisastassforth at sbcglobal dot net

  253. ooooo that sounds heavenly! I want one!

  254. I would love to win, Our pillows are horrible and desperately need to be replaced.

  255. Oh, how nice to win something to help us have a great night’s sleep. Thoughtful and wonderful, hope I am lucky enough to win!

  256. I struggle to find a good pillow for my neck & back support, as I have degenerative arthritis in both, so these look like they could be a dream come true!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  257. I “Liked” Malouf Fine Linens on Facebook!

  258. I just told my husband that it was time we found some GOOD pillows!! These would be perfect!

  259. We need new pillows SO BAD. I’d love some chi chi ones, I was going to splurge for $10 ones from Target!

  260. I like Malouf Fine linens on Facebook!

  261. I visited Malouf Fine Linens and left a comment!

  262. There’s nothing better than the luxury of a good pillow!

  263. I left a comment on Malouf’s blog telling them that I feel the Dough Memory Contour Foam pillow would be the best pillow for my needs!! Thank you both for a chance to win!!!

  264. I think this pillow would definitely help me with my sleep problem…looks like a great pillow…

  265. I’ve been looking for a good pillow for years — tried them all! Would love to win this and see if it’s a “perfect fit” 🙂

  266. HEAVEN!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  267. Ooo, I am kind of a pillow snob and I LOVE these!! Would love to win ~ thanks!

  268. I would Love to win these.Thanks for the

  269. This would be the best giveaway ever to win!

  270. Looks so comfy!

  271. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  272. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  273. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  274. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  275. Desperately need one for my husband who has a bad neck!

  276. Now that my wedding is over (and I can check this blog without feeling guilty because I’m not tying ribbons on a thousand favor boxes or trying to figure out the perfect seating chart to prevent any further family drama!) I would love these new pillows! We just bought our first house and I am sick of sleeping on our pancake thin pillows I’ve had since college! Thanks again for this blog…I LOVE IT!

  277. Sign me up! I have a love/hate relationship with pillows. I need to find one I can commit to!

  278. I love these, comfy pillows that last are hard to find. These are great.

  279. I love Z pillows!!

  280. LOVE new pillows!!

  281. Oh I need this pillow!…I need to sleep! lol

  282. Looks awesome! Thanks!

    giddingslane at gmail dot com

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