Hack, Hack!

I love a good Ikea hack, don’t you?  Here’s a great one from Marci at Timber and Lace.  She updated this lifeless Micke desk into a one of a kind piece with leftover walnut woodworking scraps and a hearty cocktail of varnishes and oils.  The details are what seal the deal here: like the little lion pulls (from Home Depot!) and the formerly flat-finished leg spray painted to a shine.  I love it!  I’m inspired to update my Ikea craftsmanship beyond simply “allen-wrench master.”  (My record: one bookshelf, 11 minutes. Booyah!) 


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  1. Way cool!

  2. Wow, what an amazing transformation! Love it.

  3. Just FYI, your link has gone kazoo. The desk did turn out beautiful, didn’t it? Love the top.


  4. I love me some Ikea Hack

  5. Totally awesome!! I love it!


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