Campaign Trail

Yet another case of “Someone Who Is Not Me Finds Awesome Campaign-Style Furniture at Thrift Store.”  I must say, I like this either way … the natural wood with the brass hardware, or white and sleek with silver hardware.  What’s your vote?

As far as decor goes, I would also have to choose The Hunger Games series vs. the cat,  but just because my son is allergic and also I have a fear of cats laying on my face and trying to suffocating me in my sleep.  It could happen.

From Elisa at What the Vida?



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  1. Either way great piece of furniture!

  2. Elisa– absolutely gorgeous! Great job!

  3. That comment about the books vs. the cat made me laugh out loud – it took me a while to get it, but I got it! Thanks for featuring my project 🙂

  4. I love it. :))

  5. Hmmm—I preferred the original.

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